Ep. 25: SpaceJam & Legends of the Hidden Temple

Hey! Our new episode is up for your listening pleasure! This week, we recap our Thanksgivings and how that led into both of us diving into The Simpsons marathon on FXX. We also discuss the new LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE movie that aired on Nickelodeon and, in celebration of its 20th Anniversary, we revisit the 90s classic: SPACEJAM. Enjoy!


Ep. 24: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

We’ve made it to Episode 24! This week we talk about the new movie, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM as well as the entire Harry Potter universe since Joe is a huge nerd for it. We also go over our Thanksgiving plans and include some general fuckery as per the norm.


Jim Henson’s “The Storyteller”

In this week’s episode, we talk about watching a couple episodes of a Jim Henson show called “The Storyteller”. Each episode is based on an old fable and is put to visuals by the expected Jim Henson-puppetry fare. It’s pretty interesting and fun to look at since this form is basically non-existent in today’s day and age.

We received some feedback about this show, so to make it easy on you, here are the two episodes we watched and spoke about. You can find more with an easy YouTube search.

The Soldier & Death

Hans My Hedgehog

Have a look and tell us what you think.


Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2, E.1: “Return of the Shredder”

Welcome back to the premiere of Season 2 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! When we left off yesterday, our heroes had banished Shredder, Krang and the Technodrome to the fiery hell of Dimension X to the delight of Krang and sorrow of Shredder.

Things have been kind of peaceful in New York since then as the only crimes left are the ones we’re used to like muggings and shit. Those are OK.

But where does that leave our beloved heroes in a half-shell? Only one way to find out…

S.2, E.1: “Return of the Shredder”. Original Air Date: 10/01/1988


Leonardo and Michelangelo are at the supermarket picking up the necessities when a couple of bad hombres storm the joint in a robbery attempt. The Turtles snuff out the threat fairly easily and the cashier comps their groceries as a thank you for saving her. Leo and Mikey slip outta there quickly before the cops show up. April O’Neil and her news team show up to the scene and get an interview with the cashier where she explains how the Turtles saved the day.

Meanwhile, in Dimension X (here to referred to as “DX”…I won’t do the Suck Its today) Shredder is whining about how losing to the Turtles was an accident and that Krang needs to send him back to Earth because he wants to rule Earth, not DX. If I was Krang, I’d send this dude back with the quickness just so I didn’t have to listen to his incessant moaning. Finally, Krang gives in and allows Shredder to return, but keeps Bebop and Rocksteady in DX.

April’s back in the newsroom where she’s trying to convince her boss, Burne Thompson that the Turtles are the good guys, but he ain’t having it. We find out that this is because Burne’s new girlfriend, Tiffany, hates turtles and those who sympathize with turtles. To be fair, I don’t blame him. Burne is a tubby, middle-aged man and – based on his wardrobe – ain’t making a lot of money, so to have Tiffany who’s probably around 20 years his junior and is definitely a piece has to be considered a score and quite frankly, I’d hate the Turtles for her too.

Shredder is walking around NYC and has a mugging attempted against him, but he stops it quickly and the realizes he’ll need to assemble a crew since Krang isn’t allowing him any of his minions. I assume he checks the yellow pages for “Corrupt Karate Schools” as he ends up at the “Slash For Cash Dojo” and immediately shows off his ninja skills and the trainees along with their sensei, Smash, fall in line immediately.

Shredder uses his new henchman to carry out crimes while disguised as turtles. They even cut promos to any cameras in the vicinity calling themselves “The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang”. The public is quick to buy into their shitty costumes and sentiment is starting to get negative towards the real Turtles. He then frees Baxter Stockman from an insane asylum because…well, what criminal mastermind DOESN’T need a mad scientist on his team?

Baxter builds a new rat catching machine because it seems to be his specialty and, once again, Splinter is captured by the bad guys. The Turtles follow the trail and are led to the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang whom they beat in a rather one-sided affair before going to track down Shredder’s new hideout at the Slash For Cash Dojo.

Sidebar: what aspiring karate student signs up for lessons at a place called the Slash For Cash Dojo? Seriously. What in the fuck do you think you’ll possibly learn there? I’d really like to sit down and talk to the parents who signed permission slips for their kids to attend the Slash For Cash Dojo and train under master Smash.

OK, back from my tangent. So the Turtles arrive at the Dojo and find Splinter tied up, but there’s a battering ram booby trap that is going to flatten our favorite rat. Baxter drives into the suddenly spacious dojo in his rat-catcher mobile, but the Turtles fend him off and the machine takes the brunt of the battering ram just as Leonardo is able to free Splinter. Whew. That was a close one.

Shredder and Baxter escape and Krang chews out Shredder for losing again. He says he won’t be sending any help for Shredder until he proves himself. April arrives on scene and does a report detailing the events and saying that the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang was a hoax and that the real Turtles are heroes.

Final Thoughts:

This is probably the weakest of the six episodes thus far, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. There’s a lot of nonsense to get through to get us set up for the ensuing season, but they seem to be able to do that within the first couple of minutes.

The show, despite still being in its infancy, continues to play to its strengths which are not taking itself too seriously and just having fun characters, fights and verbal interactions. The stuff between Shredder and Krang is great. Baxter plays the inferior henchman role incredibly well and the Turtles are distinct and unique from each other which keeps you from getting sick of them. It’s a pretty good formula.

So we’ve scratched the surface on Season 2! We will have to keep coming back to see what – if any – help Shredder can get from Krang who seems happy as a pig in shit in DX and how that will improve his chances of finally being able to dine on Turtle Soup.

See you tomorrow.

❤ Joe


Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, S.1, E.5: “Shredder and Splintered”

Welcome back to another exciting edition of TMNT. Technically, this episode is the Season 1 finale and will send shockwaves throughout the universe for untold decades to come. The stakes are high. My cup of coffee is low.

I’ll be honest: I’m only awake right now because work was texting and I replied, “Tell me Monday at 9AM.” Being awake is awful in the morning. Which brings us to our season finale!

S.1, E.5: “Shredder And Splintered”. Original Air Date: 12/18/1987


New Yorkers have been reporting Turtle sightings and April is tight that it’s not her story. Burne Thompson, April’s boss at Channel 6, is treating the Turtles as “the green menace”. A lotta Spider-Man/J. Jonah Jameson going on here. The Turtles assure April they’ll give her the full scoop once the Shredder is defeated.

Speak of the devil, Shredder beams himself into the Turtles’ TV to show off his new ray-gun that reverses the effects of the mutagen. The Turtles immediately jump up because they need that to turn Splinter back into Hamato Yoshi, but Splinter tells them to pump them brakes because Shredder could use it to also turn them back into regular turtles. He decides he must go and retrieve the ray-gun alone.

The Turtles head out the in the flying car the Neutrinos left behind to drop-off Splinter at the Technodrome as if it’s soccer camp, but the car runs out of gas or whatever the fuck you fill a flying space car with. Donatello gets an idea and runs off to Baxter Stockman’s abandoned lab to build something while the Turtles press on with getting to the Technodrome.

We cut to the Technodrome where Shredder is showing Krang the body he finally got around to building for him. It’s the most awkward fucking looking thing ever and I don’t know how this drawing got past creative at any level of the design-process. But Krang seems to be ecstatic with it and now he can be loaded into the stomach of this monstrosity where he can control the thing, so what do I know?

Before Krang can be inserted into the new body, he insists that Shredder insert a computer chip into it that can amplify molecules. Shredder is initially resistant, but says, “Fuck it, whatever” because he knows he basically has no say after getting schooled by the Turtles at every turn. Shredder installs the chip and braces Krang to the machine to begin the…fuck…the installation? The conversion? Whatever you call it, we get a Frankenstein-scene that shows the body showing some signs of animation and Shredder giving us the whole, “It’s alive…it’s aliveeeeeeeeeeee!”

The three remaining Turtles and Splinter arrive at the Technodrome triggering the intruder alarm and Shredder goes into a panic because Krang hasn’t fully recovered from the procedure.The Turtles make quick work of the Foot robots and Splinter slips inside the Technodrome in search of the Mutagen-reversal gun. He finds…almost too easily only to find that it’s a hologram and is then ambushed by Shredder and begins a hot ninja fight.

Krang has finally recovered enough and tries summoning his army from Dimension X through the interdimensional Technodrome portal, but is stopped temporarily by the Turtles. He then activates the molecular amplifier he had implanted in his body and expands to be the biggest fucking thing you or I will ever see. Seriously, he grows so much that he just start busting through everything whether it be the Technodrome or the street.

The Turtles have no fucking clue how in the hell they’ll defeat this, but Donatello finally shows up in his new creation: the Turtle Blimp which was created out of the Neutrinos flying car and spare parts from Baxter’s lab.

Brief tangent: when I was a kid, the Turtle Blimp was one of the coolest fucking toys. My brother and I wanted the ever-living shit out of this. And when we got it…yeah, we played with it for a bit, but were so disappointed that it didn’t float on its own that it got a permanent space in the toy chest rather quickly. But now, as someone with a deep appreciation for vintage toy collections, I love seeing how people display it as part of their TMNT world.

So Donatello shows up in the blimp and April and her news crew are tailing them so April can finally get her story. Donatello and Leonardo are dropped onto Krang’s shoulder and find a seam into which they can get inside to destroy the amplification device. The two narrowly escape as Krang is shrinking back to a normal size.

Krang calls Shredder for help, but he’s still fighting Splinter in a very even battle which is impressive considering the difference in weight class between the two. Shredder finally says to hell with the games and uses a device to lock Splinter inside an electric cage so he can run off to help Krang.

Splinter, ever the strategist, is able to pry a screw from the bottom of the cage and expertly throw it at a generator which disables the power and frees him. He heads toward the other battle to try to stop Shredder from using the anti-mutagen ray on the Turtles.

As he arrives, he finds Shredder about to do precisely that, but throws his walking stick like a spear and destroys the ray-gun. Shredder and Krang tuck tail and head back to the Technodrome as the Turtles thank Splinter, but are sad that he’ll never be human again. They quickly realize they can’t let the bad guys off the hook, however, and head back to the Technodrome to finish the job.

When they arrive, they find Krang and Shredder getting ready to bring Krang’s army from Dimension X through the portal. Donatello is able to think quick and reverse the power of the portal which begins sucking everything into Dimension X. The Turtles and Splinter realize what’s happening and run for the hills to complete a daring escape just as the Technodrome and everything inside it are drawn into Dimension X.

Krang is thrilled when he realizes what has happened as he sees his opportunity to reclaim his home, but Shredder, obviously is a tad on the upset side of waking up in that shithole from now on.

Back at the ranch, April finally does her big story on the Turtles, but public opinion is still split on them. Splinter uses his spidey-senses to deduce that they haven’t seen the last of Shredder which is a nice way to tease the next season.

Final Thoughts:

This was a high-energy, awesome end to an abbreviated introductory season. These first five episodes were awesome. As a mini-arc, the writing was entertaining, the animation was fun and the humor was pretty impressive and held up well after nearly 30 years. Since this is something I haven’t seen since seeing it originally as a kid, the memory refreshing was minimal and felt more like watching something for the first time.

With that said, I loved this and give the first season of this show ****.

Season 2 begins ASAP and will hopefully pick up right where this left off.

❤ Joe


Ep. 23: “The Dark Crystal”

We’re back with another new episode! This week we talk about Jim Henson! He was a really big deal when we were kids and, in this episode, we talk about his cult classic movie, THE DARK CRYSTAL as well as a little known show called “The Storyteller”.

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Enjoy this week’s show!


Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: S.1, E.2: “Enter The Shredder”

Welcome back to another exciting episode of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES here on CarJoeMez! Like I said yesterday, I’ll be trying to keep up with this to the best of my ability and I actually have motivation since I’m enjoying this show so far.

A lot of people sent in some great feedback for yesterday’s episode and I’m happy to see you’re paying attention and are as excited about where this goes as I am. Thanks for checking in!

So, without further ado…start the cartoon!

Season 1, Episode 2: “Enter The Shredder”. Original Air Date: 12/29/1987


We open with April O’Neil showing up at the TMNT lair and trying to wake them up so they can go looking for “that Technodrome thingamajig” so she can get a story out of it. They assume it would be located underground beneath where the building they flooded in the last episode would have been, but when they arrive at the location, they find nothing.

We cut to Shredder who has commandeered the Technodrome and is basically driving it around the sewer system of NY just to blow off some steam as he’s flipping out about his Foot Soldiers being defeated by the Turtles. We’re introduced to Krang, a talking brain on a fucking tri-pod who’s pissed that he’s given Shredder all this hot intel but Shredder still hasn’t been able to build him a body so he can call his minions from Dimension X to help him take over Earth.

Shredder is convinced that his mutagen is what made the Turtles so strong so he gets the bright idea to cross-breed some general thugs with more animals to build his own team of super-strong fighters. Shredder sends robots to capture a rhino and warthog from the local zoo and BAM: we have Bebop and Rocksteady!

While this is going on, the Turtles and Splinter are hot on the trail of the Technodrome. Splinter gets captured, but the Turtles bust through a shit ton of traps to make a daring rescue and defeat another gaggle of Foot Soldiers. Shredder escapes and we will go on at least one more day.


First things first: the intro to this show is bad-ass. The music is catchy and just infests your brain and the quick cuts and colorful animation really draw you in.

Like I said yesterday, I really haven’t seen any of this show since the original airings, so a lot of this is hitting me as a welcome surprise.

I was always under the impression that Raphael was always kind of a dick. You know…because he’s cool, but rude. He’s certainly much more of an asshole in the newer movies, but not in this series. No, sir! Animated Raphael is basically the precursor to Chandler Bing! He’s awkward and self-deprecating and his tone is completely Chandler.

Once again, I’m impressed by how much fun this show is. It just is what is, doesn’t take itself too seriously and has some pretty good writing where the storylines are carrying over from episode to episode which I don’t remember at all about this show from when I watched as a kid.

Coming from watching a show like M.A.S.K. where every episode was a standalone with no origin that never went anywhere, this is very much a welcome change and both episodes thus far have had me excited to see the next.

Final Grade:

***1/2*. Just like yesterday’s, I had fun and as this universe continues to open up to expose us to more characters and backgrounds it’s becoming a very enjoyable watch. So, obviously, I’m already looking forward to tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you for Ep. 3 tomorrow!

❤ Joe


Joe Takes On Demolition!

As mentioned in our latest episode, both of us talked about Demolition who dominated the WWF tag team ranks in the late 80s. I also spoke about Ax and Smash main eventing the first ever live wrestling show I ever went to and the getting the opportunity to wrestle against them myself over 20 years later. So, for your visual enjoyment, here I am as the villainous Maximus Sex Power teaming with Pinkie Sanchez to take the legendary former tag champs in Queens, NY. This took place at an ICW event in Queens, NY in October, 2010. Check it out.