Ep. 51: Movie Catch-Up

We have a helluva episode for you this week. We update the progress of the NHL playoffs and why Joe’s a hockey genius, why we love watching greatness in sports, why Joe says you can’t have it both ways with the mixing of politics and sports, follow up on the biggest bands of 1999-2000 and why neither of us saw BAYWATCH or PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.

We then catch up with some movies from this year including xXx: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE, LOGAN NOIR and the live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Talk about The OfficeUnbreakable Kimmy SchmidtMaster of None, Who’s The Boss, Diff’rent Strokes, Millie Bobby Brown, Offspring songs and more. It’s a loaded episode. You’ll love it.

Joe Meets Skeletor!

As promised on this week’s episode of the podcast, here’s my picture with Skeletor, Overlord of Evil! I believe the year was 1984 and I was just a young buck with a dime in my pocket and a dream in my heart. He-Man and Skeletor did an appearance at my local toy store and my mom was fetch enough to take me to meet my heroes.

It boggled my mind at the time that these two adversaries could just stand next to each other and take pictures like all was fine and Skeletor hadn’t tried to take over Castle Grayskull like a hundred times in the past, but whatever. I was in no position to argue with getting a good photo op.

As the years passed, this has become of – if not THE – best photos of my childhood. I absolutely love this in all of the possible ways that can be imagined. It’s not everyday you get to meet your heroes and Skeletor definitely did not disappoint. After being assured that Skeletor would not capture and imprison me in the dungeons of Snake Mountain, he lifted up this chubby little cub all stuffed with fluff and proved himself to be a true Master of the Universe. What a time to be alive.

To listen to the episode:


Ep. 50: He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe

Joe finally got his wish! After begging for almost a full year, Gomez finally relented and the boys talk all things He-Man! From the humble beginnings of a hopeful toyline to the massive phenomenon of a hit cartoon series and everything after, we discuss it all. Also this week, late 90s/early 2000s music, Fuck/Marry/Kill, NHL Playoffs and the usual banter. Check it out on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and/or Google Play or wherever you get your podcasts! Enjoy!

Episode 36: Lego Batman

It’s a brand new episode! We start off by talking about our Valentine’s Days including Joe telling a story about his worst Valentine’s date ever. We transition to the Grammys and discuss Metallica, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Adele. Then we get to the main portion of the episode, we discuss Lego Batman and if it’s meant for kids or for us (definitely us) and see how it rates on the Main Man Standings. Then, of course, we put a bow around things with The Big Finish: Top 3 candy!

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