Funko Savage World ThunderCats Toy Unboxing!

Hey everyone! I recently got a full Wave 1 of the Savage World ThunderCats figures made by Funko and decided to try my hand at an unboxing video! It’s my first one so be polite, but check it out, subscribe to the channel for future videos and share with your friends if you’re into it. Thanks for watching!

Daily Cartoon! RAINBOW BRITE E.1: “Peril In The Pits”

Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Daily Cartoon on Car JoeMez! I’ve been trying to keep a good variety with this so today, we’re heading back to the 80s to catch an episode of Rainbow Brite!

I don’t remember how popular this was since I was really young when it was a thing, but – as a character – Rainbow Brite has had a pretty decent run. From being a big star for girls in the 80s to being a wonderfully slutty Halloween costume for those same girls once they grew up, she definitely has her fanbase.

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Daily Cartoon! ROBOCOP: The Animated Series E.11: “Into The Wilderness”

Welcome to another edition of the Daily Cartoon on Car JoeMez! Make sure to check out the latest episode of The Car JoeMez Podcast where we set the wheels in motion for our first contest and discuss the final installment of the Wolverine trilogy, LOGAN, on iTunesSoundcloud or wherever you get your podcasts. It’s good. Listen to it.

Today’s cartoon is Robocop: The Animated Series! If you don’t remember this existing, you’re most likely not alone. It only lasted 12 episodes in 1988 and then faded into obscurity to only be viewed by idiots like me who can’t get enough of shit like this.

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Daily Cartoon! THUNDERCATS S.1,E.28: “The Wolfrat”

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Let’s get started. I shouldn’t have to do a lot of background on Thundercats. It was a massive hit, had an incredible toy line and is one of the most memorable series of the 80s. The coloring and early use of anime-like animation sequences made it attractive and exciting to kids of all ages and having a fucking kick-ass theme song just cemented the whole deal.

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Daily Cartoon! TRANSFORMERS S.3,E.24: “Grimlock’s New Brain”

Welcome to Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Cartoon on Car JoeMez! Today we have a special request sent in by listener of the podcast, Chris! He loves the show and so will you so make sure you listen to new episodes of The Car JoeMez Podcast every week on iTunesSoundcloud or wherever you get your podcasts. Keep those subscriptions, reviews and referrals coming too. I love that shit.

Today, we’re checking out an episode of the original Transformers series! I assume everybody knows something about this show or franchise in some way, shape or form, so not a lot of background is needed here.

Chris asked me to review this specific episode for a reason I’m sure we’ll soon find out, but off the top of my head, I don’t singularly remember it. What I do know, however, is that this takes places after the animated movie so I’m guessing all the beloved robots we said goodbye to there are still dead. Either way, we’re going to find out today.

Since we’re all pretty familiar with the general premise of the show, let me give you some background on just my memories of this property. I would never have called it my favorite thing as a kid, but it was something I was totally into. I watched the cartoons, had a few of the toys and even saw the movie in theaters. My brother was a much bigger fan than me and it’s probably his number one “thing” from childhood. Either this or Ghostbusters. He loves them both. Take it up with him.

My favorite of the Transformers is and always was Starscream. He was the prototypical chicken-shit bad guy and I always loved his schemes behind Megatron’s back and then how he’d cower when Megatron would confront him. That’s entertainment, folks. He was very much like one of my other favorite cartoon characters ever, Cobra Commander, in that way except that he wasn’t the man in charge. Quick note for reference sake, both Starscream and Cobra Commander were voiced by the same actor, Chris Latta. I think that’s pretty cool.


Unfortunately for me, Starscream was killed during the movie in cold blood by the evil Galvatron just as he was taking the throne as leader of the Decepticons. Galvatron, of course, was a reincarnated version of Megatron and a general all-around douche. Fuck you, Galvatron.

OK, so this episode – based on title – will have an obvious focus on Grimlock and, I assume, the rest of the Dinobots which sounds like a score since they are usually hilarious. So this sounds like a great episode to check out.

Let’s watch a cartoon.

Transformers S., E.24: “Grimlock’s New Brain”

Originally Aired: November 14, 1986


We open with Ultra Magnus talking about a new energy source they’ve discovered and for Grimlock to throw the switch. Of course, Grimlock fucks everything up and the rest of the Autobots are wishing the Dinobots had more sophisticated brains.

Other Autobots are beginning to malfunction because of some kind of leak in the power core at the center of Cybertron. Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Cup and Grimlock begin to travel to address the problem with the core and have a little gizmo that Perciptor made for them that will guide them. Grimlock wants to hold the compass-looking thing and, despite protests from Rodimus, takes it, breaks it and then leaves in a fit after becoming upset that the rest of the Autobots treat him like he’s stupid. Unfortunately for Grimlock, he’s really fucking stupid.

Rodimus sends Cup to stay with Grimlock because they don’t want the head Dinobot fucking with their security systems while underground. Rodimus and Ultra Magnus continue the journey.

Grimlock and Cup actually find the energy core on their own, but as they get close, the power incapacitates Cup. Grimlock knows that he has to shut the machine down so he goes about destroying it in typical Grimlock fashion. He tries ripping some of the wiring out with his teeth and is given a healthy dose of overwhelming power. When the machine is finally put to rest, Grimlock is suddenly the smartest guy around.


Grimlock’s voice is distinctly different and he’s suddenly describing the process of shutting down the machine like a regular ole Mr. Science. To Cup’s credit, he is completely dumbfounded by Grimlock’s new tone. Cup is a grizzled old robot-war vet so I don’t think he’s programmed to be able to handle a conversation with someone like the new Professor Grimlock.

Cut to Galvatron on his way high-tech Decepticon hideout, where he’s pissing and moaning about these two mutant-looking dudes he’s hired having failed at their mission. They planted some anti-electrons that were causing the Autobots to malfunction, but since the energy core was shut down, they’re now rendered ineffective. Galvatron demands an energy source to have his plan put back in motion and the one mutant who looks like Creature from the Black Lagoon, but with an eye patch says he should be able to use the energy from Unicron’s brain.

The Decepticons set course for Unicron’s floating head and are careful not to awake him just in case. They begin to drain him of the remainder of his anti-electrons. Grimlock has figured out the mystery of the anti-electrons and their debilitating effects and the Autobots make a mission to get to Unicron hopefully before the Decepticons can.

The Decepticons are ready for the Autobots arrival, though and shoot down their ship as they’re arriving. With the anti-electrons everywhere, the Autobots are rendered basically useless and are getting their asses handed to them on a platter. Apparently unaffected by the anti-electrons, Grimlock leaves the Autobots to get pummeled so he can use spare parts within Unicron to build a new Transformer, Nosecone. Nosecone transforms into a type of tank with a drill and Grimlock has him drill deep into Unicron so Grimlock can get safe passage to the brain.

Unicron awakens and his internal defense system activates against both Autobots and Decepticons! Grimlock, however, is a step ahead. In addition to Nosecone, he has now built an entire crew of additional Autobots that he titles the Technobots! The Technobots are able to disarm Unicron’s defenses and Grimlock sends them out to help the remaining Autobots while he stays behind in Unicron’s brain.


The Technobots are able to assemble and form Computron! Grimlock puts on a helmet and transfers his intelligence to Computron with the full understanding that he will revert to his original slow-witted self. Computron is able to fend off the Decepticons and save the day for the Autobots all while destroying the remaining supply of anti-electrons. Everything is good in Autobot land. For now.


Final Thoughts:

I can’t remember ever seeing this episode and I certainly don’t ever remember Computron, but this was fucking dynamite. Pretty much the regular premise for the show: Autobots seeking energy source, Decepticons sabotaging Autobots, fight, but it was fun and felt different.

Smart Grimlock is terrific when he’s being condescending to less intelligent Autobots. It’s like those motherfuckers had it coming for all the years of treating him like a moron.

All in all, a really cool episode that I’m happy was suggested. If you’re looking to get on this, I don’t believe Transformers is streaming anywhere right now. I literally had to order this DVD from Amazon because it was literally the one of the series that I never got around to owning previously. There’s also nothing really up on YouTube so DVD it is. Not that I’m mad about that. I still like owning hard copies of certain things and am happy it gave me an excuse to finally have all of the first-generation Transformers series.

Over the years, I’ve watched a bunch of this show, but thinking back, it was probably exclusively pre-movie. After seeing this, I’m super interested to check out the rest of seasons 3 and 4 and see how it finished off.

Thanks for reading. Keep the requests coming and we’ll see you tomorrow!

❤ Joe


Ep. 38: “The Music of Us”

Check out the latest episode of the show! This week, we’re talking the music that shaped our adolesence, but also losing our shit over the bullshit Top Fast Food Items list put out this week by Bill Simmons’ The Ringer. It’s a good time so find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher & Google Play and please subscribe, rate, review and share with your friends!

Daily Cartoon! DuckTales: S.3,E.16: “Attack of the Fifty-Foot Webby”

Welcome back to another exciting edition of the Daily Cartoon on Car JoeMez! As always, I ask that you check out our weekly podcast on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. If you could be so kind as to subscribe and review as well, that would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re into these reviews, share them with your friends! Odds are, your friends like the same things as you so I’m sure they’d love to read about some dude who watches cartoons everyday.

Today, we’re going to watch an episode of DuckTales! I’m excited for this. I used to love this show as a kid, but it’s definitely been a long time since I’ve ever sat through an episode. I remember when I first got TiVo (yes, like an actual TiVo, not just a DVR), I used to record episodes of this just because I felt the need to record all sorts of shit. But even that has to be like ten years ago now.

This selection is pretty topical since there was a recent announcement that we’ll be getting a brand new DuckTales series coming to us from Disney in the near future. I watched the little teaser for it and while not over excited for it, I do plan on checking it out.

One last thing before we start the show: I feel like a lot of my love for this is based around how good the NES game was. It was a basic side-scroller, but was a helluva lot of fun and I spent many hours sitting on the floor playing it in front of a 13″ screen that used to need like ten minutes to warm up before the picture was visible.


There’s even a DuckTales 2 video game that’s really rare and expensive because it was released near the end of the NES’s run so many of the produced copies never made their way into the chubby hands of geeks like me since people had moved on to the 16 bit consoles by then.

So there’s my quick background with DuckTales. Now that we’ve gotten it out of the way, let’s hit the play button!

DuckTales S.3, E.16: “Attack of the Fifty-Foot Webby”

Originally Aired: November 16, 1989


First things first: this theme song has to be one of the catchiest ever. Once it’s in your head, you’re done for the day. It’ll never leave. And I don’t want it to either. I even used this as entrance music for a wrestling match one time to pop a few of the guys in the back. Most of the fans didn’t get it, but sometimes entertaining a handful of your friends is worth more than the full crowd. Not every time, but there’s a place for it.

We start off with Huey, Dewey and Louie playing Hide and Seek with Bubba the Caveduck. Bubba finds them almost immediately and when the boys discuss how good Bubba is, they hear sneezing coming from under an overturned wheelbarrow. Turns out Webigail has been hiding all morning and nobody even knew she was playing. She’s really annoyed that people always overlook her. Oh, honey, your message is heard loud and clear. They just had a march for girls like you.

At this point, Uncle Scrooge calls for the kids to tell them that a long-tailed gorilla has been spotted and he wants to capture it so he can make it an attraction at his new venture: a drive-thru safari. He invites the boys to join him so he can use Bubba’s innate hunting skill to help track it down, but when Webby asks, Scrooge is surprised because he hadn’t realized she was in the room. Poor Webby. She feels like the Marla Hooch of this show.


What a hitter.

Meanwhile, the proprietor of Circus Barkus is in financial peril and has all his attractions walking out on him over lack of payment. He needs a new attraction to drum up interest back in his three-rings and he thinks that long-tailed gorilla would be just the ticket. As he prepares to head out on his expedition, he’s met by the Beagle Boys who are none too happy that the circus is closed. Jack, the carny, enlists their help in getting the gorilla so they can find it before Scrooge does.

Scrooge and the boys arrive in the jungle and we find that Webigail has snuck on to the trip with nobody knowing. She tries to hang back, but after seeing an enormous dragonfly, gives herself away to the dismay of Scrooge.

Bubba is following a scent and they’re starting to make some advancements, but Jack and the Beagles are following them. When it looks like Scrooge is getting close, the Beagles hit our team of ducks with the SUHPRISE! They pop out of the bushes in gorilla costumes to send Scrooge and the boys…and Webby scurrying. Webby gets seperated from the rest of the crew and is chased into a river where the current is too strong for her. She’s about to be sent over a waterfall until the long-tailed gorilla comes swinging through on a vine to save the day.

Turns out the gorilla is super-friendly and even gives Webby some flowers since they’re best buds now. Scrooge realizes she’s missing and it hits him that they don’t pay enough attention to her. Meanwhile, Webby and the gorilla, who she calls Mr. Fuzzy, are getting along like gangbusters. Webby says that his long tail makes him look like just a monkey that got really big and Mr. Fuzzy grunts a yes and shows her to a water supply that apparently made him huge.

While at the water supply, the Beagle Boys show up and attempt to capture Mr. Fuzzy. During the melee, Webby is knocked into the water and immediately grows to gigantor status. Scrooge and the boys finally locate her and are aghast at how big she’s gotten. They decide to fly home with Webby held by a rope and attached to balloons so they can get her to a doctor.

The doctor sets off to try concocting a potion that the boys find in their Junior Woodchuck’s guidebook while Webby has a hard time not being able to play or have fun because she’s going to knock down the fucking house or cause an earthquake. Scrooge suggests she get some rest and while watching TV in the tent they’ve made to fit her, she sees a commercial for the Circus Barkus advertising their new attraction: the long-tailed monkey. Webby is none too happy to see Mr. Fuzzy captured and storms off to free him.

She manages to free the monkey, but he’s frightened by her now massive size and runs off when Jack and the Beagle Boys hear noises. Webby evades them and tries to track down the monkey. As people on the street stare and scream in horror, the monkey tries climbing Duckburg’s version of the Empire State Building. Webby goes up after him and holds Mr. Fuzzy  on the side of the building in a terrific tribute to KING KONG. That is, until, the Beagle Boys show up in airplanes trying to capture both Mr. Fuzzy and Webby for Jack’s show.

Webby swats away the baddies as Scrooge and the Doctor – now armed with his growth-reversal pixie dust – fly up in the McDuck company helicopter to sprinkle Webby and Mr. Fuzzy. The two of them return to normal size, but fall off the building where they bounce off an awning and are then caught by Huey, Dewey, Louie and Bubba.

Mr. Fuzzy is returned to his home in the jungle and the boys promise to never overlook Webby again.

Final Thoughts:

Probably not the strongest episode to have selected, but still fun nonetheless. I absolutely love the version of Scrooge McDuck we get in this series. Sure, he’s gruff and greedy, but when things get crazy, he always realizes what’s important and does the right thing.

Also, I had completely forgotten that Bubba the Caveduck was a thing. And now, because I remember him, I have to go YouTube that song from when he was first discovered. You know the one. “Bubba…Bubba…Bubba the caveman duck-ah!” I’m almost 100% positive it went something like that. Hold on, I’m going to look for it.

OK, so maybe I was off on the lyrics, but yeah, this exists. You’re welcome.

But I still like DuckTales. Holds up perfectly fine for me. You can find the DVD sets pretty cheap all over, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they started popping up on Netflix soon now that they have that deal with Disney.

Like I said, this may not have been the best episode, but it was random and this is what we had and I still didn’t hate it. If anything, it makes me want to watch more of this show because I know there are better episodes out there. Especially the ones that include GizmoDuck. That was my dude.

So, in conclusion, DuckTales is duck-lightful! Everybody should watch it and check out the new series when it debuts.

❤ Joe

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