Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E22: “The Island”

Welcome back to your Friday cartoon rewatch! We’re coming off what’s probably the most exciting episode of this series yet so now I can’t wait to see how they follow up.  If they follow up this soon, that is. I speculated yesterday that they may give this episode a week to breath in the story since even I was marking out so hard as it was happening.

That’s not a bad thing. I know the Snake Men play very heavily into Season 2 so it’s not like this episode will just be completely forgotten about and I’m cool with that. The people running this show have earned my trust. I keep coming back and watching the next episode. We gucci.

It’s not like I was losing interest in this series, but yesterday’s episode absolutely kicked my excitement up a notch because of how different and fresh the arrival of King Hiss and the danger the Snake Men presented felt. Even Skeletor was scared shitless of what would happen should the Snakes be freed. It’s an interesting dynamic that I definitely don’t remember being explored in the original and the way it was presented and sold made it feel like the stakes were at their highest.

But Snakes or no Snakes, we have a week to close out here. Episode title gives me no idea where this is heading so let’s just hit play and enjoy. Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of the Universe S01E17: “Roboto’s Gambit”

Hey hey welcome to your Friday cartoon rewatch over here on CarJoeMez! So much good stuff happening as we work through the back 9 of this season and I’m really invested in what’s been going on. If you’re still reading these blogs on Day 17, I’d assume you’re feeling similar so that’s a good thing.

It’s been 17 years since this show debuted which still blows my mind because I very clearly remember being excited that this was coming out and visiting the Toys R Us in Times Square regularly to look for new figures. I was even recording each episode on to VHS as it aired! That may be the most wild thing about this: that I was 20 years old, an adult in the eyes of the law and VHS was still a common enough thing. I’ve gotten old.

But – as excited as I was – there was a clear point when I said, “Ahh fuck this. I’m done with it.” I don’t remember for certain, but it may have been around this episode. As mentioned a few days ago, there was a weird three week gap between Episodes 13 and 14. Do I know why? I do not. But three weeks is totally long enough to break a routine for anyone who was actively watching this show. If you think that’s bad, wait until you see this… Continue reading

Daily Cartoon: He-Man & The Masters of The Universe S01E16: “The Monster Within”

Welcome to another cartoon rewatch! We’ve been buzzing right along through Season 1 of this series and it’s good to feel like we’re actually accomplishing something. Everybody should be this successful.

Thanks for all the email and feedback being sent in. I’m glad you’re enjoying these recaps as much as I enjoy doing them. I mean, it’d be pretty pointless to keep writing these if nobody gave a shit so thanks for taking the time to track them down.

Today’s episode is called “The Monster Within” which could go in a bunch of different directions. I assume it refers to one of our heroic warriors dealing with something deep so maybe it’s a Man-E-Faces episode since he can become the Monster with one of his grills. Actually, that’s probably a really good guess and now I’m thinking I just cracked the case before even hitting play.

No sense in putting it off any longer after that. Let’s get into this and watch a cartoon. Continue reading