Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.3,E.1: “Beneath These Streets”

Welcome to the Season Premiere! By this point, we were fully engrossed in TMNT-mania as evidenced by this show going from a weekly Saturday morning extravaganza to a now daily, syndication-style showing. Season 3 has a total of 47 episodes so it looks like I have my work cut out for me for this one.

As usual, I will be keeping up with these as best as possible. I try to make it daily, but if not, I’m not losing sleep over it. This is supposed to be fun. As you noticed, I took the weekend off so I could watch the new season of Fuller House and then my mom came to visit so that meant I got some free food. Good times.

I’m hoping for a lot more out of Season 3 as Season 2 kind of left me disappointed. Whether it’s the novelty already wearing off or whatever, Season 2 became very repetitive very quickly. And, when they did finally have a great episode (“Enter The Fly”), they did absolutely nothing to follow up on anything that happened and just went to the regular formula of Shredder’s new weapon for the day. Le sigh. Here’s hoping they pump a bit more juice into this season!

S.3, E.1: “Beneath These Streets”. Original Air Date: 10/19/1989


The Turtles are relaxing in the lair and Splinter is not at all happy about it. He thinks they should be training, but they feel like they deserve a bit of a break. Splinter says they’re losing their fighting edge and proves this by yelling, “HAAAAAAAAI SACAJAWEA!” before tossing all four of them around like lazy sloths. The Turtles are all, “…but Splinter! We sent the Technodrome to the molten center of the Earth!” And Splinter is like, “Show me proof, bro.”

Speaking of which, we cut to the Technodrome, where apparently the bad guys aren’t soaking in molten lava anymore. The Technodrome is low on power, though, and needs a bunch of repairs before they can get back to the surface. Krang sends Shredder to the surface in a drill car to pick up some parts.

Splinter sends the Turtles out on a patrol to keep an eye on the other criminals who aren’t Shredder or Krang, but still terrorize NYC, but they see a Kung Fu movie marathon is playing at a theater as they pass by and decide to get some “us” time. Splinter’s getting worried that his kids aren’t home yet and hits them on the TurtleCom, but to no avail since they shut them off before heading into the movies. Which, by the way, is 100% the right thing to do. Splinter then calls April, but she hasn’t seen them either and she has to go because she’s covering a story at a science lab.

The professor at said science lab is unveiling some new kind of special energy device which just so happens to be exactly what Shredder needs to bring back to Krang to repair the Technodrome. What are the odds?! Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady steal the device and run off into the night. April tries contacting the Turtles, but, once again, their TurtleComs are off in the movie theater. Which, once again, is 100% the right thing to do.

April and Splinter go looking for the Turtles when it comes across April’s police scanner that Bebop and Rocksteady are causing a ruckus downtown. Splinter says that this confirms his worst fears: Shredder is still alive and is back on Earth. I suppose April didn’t confirm this to him earlier since she was at the science place that Shredder and his mutants barged into and stole the device that she was there to do a story about. Yeah, now thinking about it, why would she tell him? That’s not that important.

Regardless of facts, April and Splinter track down the villains and Splinter goes on the attack. He easily handles the mutants, but Shredder shoots him in the chest with his new energy laser device that he stole. Splinter is fading, but his one, last gasping breath he (apologizes for bleeding on your shirt…if you get that, you get it. If not…oh well) throws his walking stick toward Shredder with no umph on it. Shredder basically brushes it off, but it hit the laser at a weird angle and knocks a piece loose. Shredder grabs the mutants and they had back to the core of the Earth in their drill-mobile while Splinter is left to die on the floor of some basement. Riveting stuff.

April brings Splinter back to the lair and puts him under a blanket because I guess she’s a fucking nurse. The Turtles return home to find their sensei in a coma and immediately plan to find Shredder so they can get the laser back because by reversing the polarity they’ll be able to shoot Splinter again, but this time it’ll heal him. The medical knowledge in this group astounds me.

Shredder realizes he has to go back to get the part of the laser that fell off, but April picked it up and now the Turtles know Shredder will have to come back to get it. Shredder formulates a plan to try to draw the Turtles out since he figures they have the piece.

Raphael is patrolling the city in the Blimp and finds Bebop and Rocksteady causing havoc in the park. The Turtles crash their party just as Shredder planned. But yo…why the fuck doesn’t anybody in the city notice or care when the Turtles are driving around in a fucking blimp that clearly says “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES” on it?

The Turtles take care of the mutants just as Shredder planned and they head home. Shredder plans on following them so he can knock them out with a gas grenade and steal the module piece they need, but they catch him snooping. He throws his grenade, but Donatello smacks it with his bo staff for a home to right-center sewer. The Turtles actually made super-quick work of the bad guys and make them look completely inept. It’s a joke.

Shredder reads in the paper that a new laser was built so he decides just to steal that one, but the Turtles are hip to his jive and catch him in the act. We get another battle where the Turtles once again make Shredder and his goons look like fools and recover the laser. They zap Splinter and bring him back to life. But he doesn’t get out from under that blanket because…medicine.

Shredder retreats to the Technodrome where Krang calls him a bumbling fool and Shredder puts a piece of metal over him because he may hate Krang more than he hates the Turtles.

Final Thoughts:

Wayyyyyyyy too much fighting. Made this episode feel a lot longer because the flow just wasn’t all that great. Fight. Recover laser. Shredder reads there’s a new laser. Fight. Recover laser. It was a bit much. I also hate that whenever something goes wrong on this show, all you have to do is reverse the polarity of Shredder’s weapon of the day and then re-zap the affected party with it to cure them. Lazy writing.

Other than that, the story of Shredder and Krang trying to get back to the Earth’s surface could be good, I suppose. I don’t know. I just feel like this show is completely stuck in their ways already.

I guess we’ll find out more tomorrow. Maybe that will excite me a bit more.

❤ Joe

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