Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.12: “The Catwoman From Channel Six”

Welcome one and all to another fancy episode of TMNT! With only one episode left in Season 2 after today, I’m hoping we can build toward some sort of cliffhanger to give me a story to sink my teeth into. All told, yesterday wasn’t bad, but I’d like a bit more continuity. That’s just me, though.

Programming notes! Thanks to everybody who has been reading these blogs and listening to the podcast! Our numbers are blowing away our old records of late and, obviously, we have you to thank. It’s very much appreciated!

I’ll try not to bore too much as I’m trying to be as consistent as possible with these episode reviews. You keep coming back so I guess that means you like them.

S.2,E.12: “The Catwoman From Channel Six”. Original Air Date: 12/24/1988


Shredder has built a new state-of-the-art matter transporter. It’s a machine that can send people and things from one place to another. Shredder makes an example of Bebop and Rocksteady by sending them to the city dump. One second, they were just standing around eating Chinese Food and the next, they’re knee-high in garbage. Which sucks. God, I want NY Chinese food.

Anyway, a crane takes a big scoop of garbage off the top, which just happens to include our two unfriendly mutants, and throws it into the sewers where they just happen upon the Turtles’ lair. All parties involved jump into battle with Bebop and Rocksteady getting an early advantage. At one point, Bebop swings his club wildly and destroys the Turtles’ television. The swear to avenge the TV and business picks up until Shredder recalls his minions through his matter transporter and they vanish from the sewers leaving the Turtles to wonder how that happened.

Shredder is astonished that these idiots found the Turtles’ lair meanwhile he’s had absolutely zero trouble finding it ever before, but he still acts like it’s impressive. Too bad for him, the mutants can’t remember where it was exactly and Shredder growls angrily. The Turtles, to their credit, recognize what’s really important and lie to April about monsters in the sewer so they can get her to bring them a spare TV so they can finish watching their movie. April is shocked Bebop and Rocksteady were able to find the lair because it’s “the best kept secret in the city” which makes me wonder if she has any clue what an actual secret is. Splinter is wise AF so he concludes that they must have used “some kind of matter transporter” because, obviously, it’s the first thing I would think of too.

April sees the carton of Chinese food that Rocksteady dropped before the fight and goes to the restaurant to see what kind of info she can get. She asks Mr. Woo if he remembers serving a warthog and a rhino and, shockingly, he does. He says they were wearing Halloween masks and came from a warehouse not far. He knows an awful lot for someone who just owns a Chinese restaurant.

April heads toward the warehouse. Nobody’s home, but she discovers what must be the matter transporter. She starts taking pictures, but as she’s standing on the platform, a stray cat comes along and steps on some of the controls activating the machine. The cat jumps to the platform and both it and April are given the once over by the machine. They aren’t transported anywhere, but April is immediately woozy.

She heads home surrounded by a gaggle of cats and is met by Irma who reminds her that the landlord doesn’t allow cats. I wonder if the landlord allows buildings to be completely fucking vanquished to rubble during a fight between mutants and a dude in a tin helmet. Whatever. April collapses on the couch, completely exhausted while Irma puts out some milk for all these fucking cats they have to deal with now. While talking, April starts meowing and purring her words which is creepy as fuck. When Irma leaves, April dives to the floor and starts slurping milk out of the bowl with the rest of the cats. Also, creepy as fuck.

The Turtles decide to follow-up on April and head to the Chinese restaurant. They get into a bit of a kerfuffle, but it’s nothing they can’t handle. Back at Channel 6, April is beginning to take on more of an appearance of a cat. Irma, to her credit, just continues to treat her like a normal person because Cat Lives Matter and such. April’s features are all evolving and it’s fucking banana town.

April’s convinced she has to go back to the warehouse to try to reverse the effects. Irma refuses to let her go, but April is a fucking cat now and all agile and nimble so she just fucking hops out a window. Irma is bamboozled as to what to do next, but sees April’s TurtleCom left on the desk. Not knowing what it is, she checks it out and calls the Turtles to help April. This is her first encounter after speculating for a while that April was hiding the fact that she knew them and Irma handles it like a true pro. Doesn’t mark out. Doesn’t get scared. Simply tells them that April’s in trouble and they arrange a meeting. You go, Irma.

April returns to the warehouse, but this time Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady are home. Shredder immediately recognizes her and quickly deduces that she’s been trans-mutated with a cat before dropping an iron cage on her. Trans-mutated lives matter too. Shredder puts a collar on April which will make her subservient to him and commands her to hunt Splinter. For some reason, she first goes to the zoo and releases a fucking Bengal tiger.

The Turtles and Irma head to April’s apartment to find the pics she took earlier and are able to figure out the cat trans-mutation thing. They’re smart. Meanwhile April and her tiger are gallivanting around town on the hunt for Splinter as per Shredder’s orders. Splinter’s home meditating trying to free his mind of his fear of cats, conveniently, when April and her tiger corner him. He’s able to get the Turtles on the TurtleCom and the Turtles rush to his aid. Splinter tries talking to April to combat the effects of the collar, but to no avail. Leonardo charges at her with his sword drawn and somehow manages to be precise enough to clip just the collar and free April of the mind control. Michelangelo is able to chase  the tiger into a cage and – for the moment – the day is saved.

Shredder is fit to be tied that he’s lost the ability to control April. Rocksteady sees a mouse and tries swinging at it, but ends up destroying the matter transporter which ends up exploding. The effects of the trans-mutation eventually wear off on April and she’s back to being herself in no time. Everybody has pizza to celebrate.

Final Thoughts:

That seemed like a pretty long recap as I typing it. I felt like a lot happened in this episode and, sure, it’s kinda ridiculous, but it was fun. Wasn’t the kind of story I was hoping for to lead into the next episode, but pretty entertaining for a one-and-done.

Obviously, this has no bearing on what will happen tomorrow so I’m still hoping for a little bit more depth with these since I think I was spoiled from the beginning of the series.

Aside from that, this episode was perfectly fine and I’m sure inspired a ton of really creepy “April-As-A-Cat” fan fiction. I’m actually going to Google that once I’m done posting this. It’s gotta be stupendous. And you fucking know damn well it exists.

OK, so tomorrow is the big season finale! Get some sleep tonight because tomorrow just has to be insanity!

❤ Joe

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