Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.7: “Enter: The Fly”

Welcome to the Friday edition of our special meet-ups to discuss the classic TMNT series! Thanks for coming! It’s been a good week here at Car JoeMez as we’ve gotten back into the swing following the Thanksgiving weekend and have been keeping up with not only this, but we’ll have some super sweet podcast action coming at you ASAP!

I know you’re not supposed to play favorites, but I really think our next episode which should be out tonight is our best yet. We were cracking up the entire time and I’d expect nothing less from you, our faithful audience. Thanks for continually coming back whether it be here or with the podcast as our listens have skyrocketed over the last couple of weeks. You certainly know how to make a girl feel special.

Enough niceties for now, let’s watch a cartoon!

S.2,E.7: “Enter: The Fly”. Original Air Date: 11/12/1988


The Turtles are up in the blimp floating around NYC because April passed along a message saying Shredder was spotted on the roof of the World Trade Center. Yikes. Fifteen years later and it still makes you squirm when seeing the WTC.

The Turtles get close and see Shredder up there with Baxter Stockman as they’re testing out a new piece of equipment that is supposed to set a force field around the towers. Baxter forgets some nerd shit, though, and his machine kind of backfires. The bad guys spot the Turtles, pack up and run off because they can’t risk losing the equipment.

Shredder and Baxter are next seen on a garbage barge because that’s where Krang decided to set up the trans-dimensional portal because he thought it’d be hysterical to see Shredder up to his knees in garbage. Shredder begs for help and gets Krang to agree to finally send him Bebop and Rocksteady back, but SURPRISE there’s a catch! The portal is finicky and one person must be sent back to Dimension X to assure the portal doesn’t fail. Shredder is all too excited to throw an unwilling Baxter to Dimension X because of all his recent failings. Bebop and Rocksteady are returned to Earth and Shredder hatches a plan to strike the Turtles at their weakest point: April O’Neil.

Cut to April at her desk at Channel 6 and she gets a flower delivery. Irma sees this and immediately goes into her, “I wish a man would send me flowers” gimmick that she does. Let’s talk about Irma for a second. irma

OK, so she’s not exactly your classic cartoon scorchcake, but am I wrong thinking that there’s a lot of potential here? Put the hair down, some nicer clothes and a little eyeliner and I think we have a potential SHE’S ALL THAT winner. Sure, her voice is annoying and her constant yearning for a man is off-putting, but she could probably look really good with a little work and – with that seems to be low expectations for men – would probably be all about you if you put in some effort. I see no reason that her and I wouldn’t have an awesome time getting some apps at TGIFriday’s and getting to know each other before maybe going to see whatever the new Will Smith movie is. Just thinking aloud here.

But I digress.

April assumes the flowers are from the Turtles and heads to the sewers to break up with them because they’re from different worlds. Apparently, 1988 is still a rough time for interracial relationships. Also, how fucking jiggy does this chick think she is that she’s ready to let down all FOUR of them? C’mon, honey, you walk around in an unflattering yellow jumpsuit everyday. Sure, one, maybe two of them are into you, but all four? That’s some ego you’ve got there.

Splinter answers the door, immediately recognizes the plant as dangerous and throws it in a trash can. He asks April if she’s inhaled the petals’ fragrance and she faints as she’s answering in the affirmative.

Meanwhile, Baxter is not adjusting well to life in Dimension X. Krang makes no secret that he has zero use for him and has his guards throw Baxter in a giant X-Ray type machine. What looks to be a common house fly is shown to also get locked in and, once the machine is turned on, I guess the DNA of the two is mixed


and we get…


…ta-fucking-da. Baxter is now a fly man. As opposed to the Fly Girls from “In Living Color”.


But Baxter must have taken a page out of their book because he’s ready to do what he wants to do…in living color. What is it that Baxter wants to do? Well, go back to Earth, for starters. He grabs a laser from the weapons bin and opens the portal from Dimension X. Krang and his guards attempt to stop him, but Baxter is able to hold them away with his laser and get through the portal quickly thanks to his new fly form which he is having no problem whatsoever adjusting to. Good for him.

The Turtles return home to see Splinter caring for April and he informs them that her condition is grave because of the plant she was sent. Splinter knows how to make an antidote, but needs a special leaf that would be nearly impossible to find in New York. Thankfully, Raphael knows about a greenhouse uptown that deals in rare plants so they go check out the merchandise.

Krang hits up Shredder on FaceTime and explains the whole Baxter situation. You know, supposed to get vaporized, but this pesky fly got in and cross-mutated him. Regular fucking Tuesday.

Baxter is shown flying through the city where he is swearing revenge on his enemies. He just so happens to see the Turtles on their way to the greenhouse. They get into a tussle, but the Turtles escape through the sewers and, though Baxter laments them escaping, he promises Shredder won’t. The Turtles don’t know that it was Baxter, but Donatello thinks he’s kind of familiar.

Baxter goes looking for Shredder and is shot out of the sky by Bebop and Rocksteady. Shredder sweet talks Baxter and convinces him that this transformation was all the Turtles’ fault and that they were friends the whole time. Baxter’s all like, “Riiiiiiiiight, the Turtles. Because we fight them together!” You don’t just give up on your friends, bro. Unless they make you take a not-even-that-embarrassing picture at a wedding. In that case, you delete them for laughing at you.

The Turtles get to the greenhouse and – what luck – they get the last Gazai bush in the Western Hemisphere. April better appreciate the fuck out of this after she was ready to break up with all of them. Even though – at no point – has it even been suggested that she’s a Mormon with four boyfriends.

Baxter locates the Turtles and Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady join him for a sneak attack! They’re able to escape to the Blimp and get away from the fight, but Leonardo drops the plant needed to cure April. Shredder patches into their TurtleCom frequency and FaceTimes the Turtles to challenge them to a fight if they want their plant back. It’s obviously a trap, but c’mon now, this is the last Gazai plant in the Western Hemisphere. What choice do they have?

They meet at a junkyard where they’re immediately ambushed. Shredder’s big plan is to push the Turtles back until they get in range for that device he was playing with at the beginning of the episode which is supposed to…I dunno. Kill them, I guess. I mean, that is his end goal, right? Well, it doesn’t matter because, just in time, BAH GAWD! THAT’S MASTER SPLINTER’S MUSIC!

Splinter comes speeding through in the Turtle Van firing lasers at the baddies and interrupting Shredder’s big plans. The Turtles are able to grab the plant after it’s knocked from Shredder and Baxter – in an attempt to get it back – gets caught in that force field thing and looks to have been vaporized.

Splinter is able to revive April and they celebrate with a new pizza creation from Michelangelo that is topped with the remaining leaves of the Gazai plant. Babyface go-home.

Final Thoughts:

Yo! This episode was dynamite! Action! Drama! Laughs! This was a packed 22 minutes of animation and I loved it. I didn’t realize Baxter became the fly so early on in the series. But I remember him being significant as the fly so it’s just my memory failing me.

No bullshit, I loved this episode. The endings on these are kind of whack, but it’s gotta be left open for tomorrow’s battle so it’s not like it ruins it or anything. I’m totally interested to see what happens with Baxter since I’m sure they didn’t just kill him off at the end there. Unless they actually did, in which case, I really don’t remember this show for shit.

Either way. Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. Have a great weekend, all!

❤ Joe

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