Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: S.1, E.2: “Enter The Shredder”

Welcome back to another exciting episode of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES here on CarJoeMez! Like I said yesterday, I’ll be trying to keep up with this to the best of my ability and I actually have motivation since I’m enjoying this show so far.

A lot of people sent in some great feedback for yesterday’s episode and I’m happy to see you’re paying attention and are as excited about where this goes as I am. Thanks for checking in!

So, without further ado…start the cartoon!

Season 1, Episode 2: “Enter The Shredder”. Original Air Date: 12/29/1987


We open with April O’Neil showing up at the TMNT lair and trying to wake them up so they can go looking for “that Technodrome thingamajig” so she can get a story out of it. They assume it would be located underground beneath where the building they flooded in the last episode would have been, but when they arrive at the location, they find nothing.

We cut to Shredder who has commandeered the Technodrome and is basically driving it around the sewer system of NY just to blow off some steam as he’s flipping out about his Foot Soldiers being defeated by the Turtles. We’re introduced to Krang, a talking brain on a fucking tri-pod who’s pissed that he’s given Shredder all this hot intel but Shredder still hasn’t been able to build him a body so he can call his minions from Dimension X to help him take over Earth.

Shredder is convinced that his mutagen is what made the Turtles so strong so he gets the bright idea to cross-breed some general thugs with more animals to build his own team of super-strong fighters. Shredder sends robots to capture a rhino and warthog from the local zoo and BAM: we have Bebop and Rocksteady!

While this is going on, the Turtles and Splinter are hot on the trail of the Technodrome. Splinter gets captured, but the Turtles bust through a shit ton of traps to make a daring rescue and defeat another gaggle of Foot Soldiers. Shredder escapes and we will go on at least one more day.


First things first: the intro to this show is bad-ass. The music is catchy and just infests your brain and the quick cuts and colorful animation really draw you in.

Like I said yesterday, I really haven’t seen any of this show since the original airings, so a lot of this is hitting me as a welcome surprise.

I was always under the impression that Raphael was always kind of a dick. You know…because he’s cool, but rude. He’s certainly much more of an asshole in the newer movies, but not in this series. No, sir! Animated Raphael is basically the precursor to Chandler Bing! He’s awkward and self-deprecating and his tone is completely Chandler.

Once again, I’m impressed by how much fun this show is. It just is what is, doesn’t take itself too seriously and has some pretty good writing where the storylines are carrying over from episode to episode which I don’t remember at all about this show from when I watched as a kid.

Coming from watching a show like M.A.S.K. where every episode was a standalone with no origin that never went anywhere, this is very much a welcome change and both episodes thus far have had me excited to see the next.

Final Grade:

***1/2*. Just like yesterday’s, I had fun and as this universe continues to open up to expose us to more characters and backgrounds it’s becoming a very enjoyable watch. So, obviously, I’m already looking forward to tomorrow.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you for Ep. 3 tomorrow!

❤ Joe

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