Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2,E.4: “Mean Machines”

Greetings and welcome back to another episode of TMNT. My Thanksgiving break lasted a bit longer than I expected since work was hella busy when I got back, but I’m here now. Ready to fulfill all your needs and wants.

I hope everybody had a great holiday. I certainly did which is why you haven’t heard a word out of me. Quickly, before we start, I just want to say thanks to all who are listening to the podcast as we’ve been hitting some good numbers all month. We’ve blown away all the numbers before so thanks for tuning in and remember to subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Google Play. Leave a review too. That shit matters.

OK, so when we left off, the Turtles and Shredder were in a race to find the missing pieces of an alien crystal that combines to make the Eye of Sarnath and grants the holder all sorts of alien powers. So far Shredder has been a step ahead of the Turtles during all of this and keeps escaping barely with the crystals still in his possession.

Which brings us too…

S.2,E.4: “Mean Machines”. Original Air Date: 10/22/1988


We begin with Donatello building a new tracking device for the crystals of the Eye of Sarnath since the one the Turtles were given by the alien apparently broke or needs new batteries or something. So much for the advancement of alien technology.

So they have this new gizmo and it leads them to a bank where there just happens to be a robbery taking place. The Turtles can barely go out at all without stumbling into some kind of crime wherever they go. A tough life they lead.

The Turtles take care of the bank robbers in short order, but were followed to the bank by Shredder and Baxter who apparently know where the Turtles are every second of the day and, at no point, just fucking murder them in their sleep to get rid of them for good. I mean, if the Shredder’s end-game is to rid himself of the Turtles, why not just do that? Stick a hose leaking carbon monoxide into the sewers or put cyanide in their pizza. Or hide under their beds and slit their Turtle throats as they meet with Mr. Sandman. There’s legitimately tons of options here.

Shredder and Baxter locate the next piece of the Eye of Sarnath while the Turtles are occupied and head back to the hideout so they can FaceTime with Krang and tell him Shredder’s new plan to utilize the power of the crystal by soldering it to a computer which I guess will make it a super computer or something. Krang and I agree that this plan seems a little ridiculous, but whatevs.

For some reason, despite having a device that leads you to the crystal, the Turtles are up shit creek without a paddle once Shredder has it. It’s like he’s still living in the one area of town that doesn’t get service from Verizon.

Shredder puts his plan to work when he breaks into a computer lab and attaches the Eye of Sarnath to a big computer mainframe that has some sort of artificial intelligence. He uses it to track the Turtles to a construction site where they were meeting April. The computer sends some sort of energy signal through the power lines of NYC to activate the previously unused construction vehicles nearby to attack the TMNT. The Turtles, obviously find a way out of this sticky situation, but the computer is not satisfied and begins draining all the energy from all the power plants across the city and activates all sorts of machines which begin causing absolute chaos in NYC.

The Turtles are finally able to track Shredder, but the computer realizes what’s going on and takes control of the Turtle Van causing it to crash. The computer continues to draw more power so Shredder can open the portal to Dimension X and summon his Foot Soldiers without needing Krang.

The Turtles bust up the party, though, and put an end to the computer’s reign of terror by turning it off, but not before Shredder and Baxter once again escape.

Final Thoughts:

This Eye of Sarnath arc is getting a little difficult for me to understand. I could have sworn Shredder already had two pieces of it, but apparently, today’s discovery at the bank was the second. I may have to go back and re-watch an episode or two as the notes I take during the episodes say one thing that doesn’t necessarily jive with what’s happening on-screen.

Either way, this plot by Shredder today was fucking dogshit. Attach a crystal to a computer? Hasn’t he seen The Terminator? Just a matter of time before that computer would have eventually turned on him too. Basically, the Turtles did him a favor by cutting that computer off.

One thing of interest at this point is that there aren’t really a lot of supporting characters yet. April has her news team, Shredder has Baxter, the Turtles have Splinter, but Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady have been used very sparingly and there hasn’t been much in terms of new characters or alliances or anything which leaves for a very exclusive world. It could just be me, but I could have sworn the universe expands if, for nothing else, just to expand the toy line which was massive at the time.

Maybe that’s coming and I’m just jumping ahead of myself.

Either way, that’s where I am. This story-arc is a bit convoluted and I’m waiting for more characters so I can buy toys.

That being said, the episodes are still fun and go rather quickly which is great because it makes you want to see the next one. And I still want to see the next one. So even with the issues, the show hasn’t lost my interest.

Sorry again for taking so long to get back to this, but like I said, I enjoyed my little vacation and am now back to the grind. I’ll keep pumping these out as best as possible.

Thanks for coming by and I’ll see you tomorrow.

❤ Joe


Ep. 24: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

We’ve made it to Episode 24! This week we talk about the new movie, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM as well as the entire Harry Potter universe since Joe is a huge nerd for it. We also go over our Thanksgiving plans and include some general fuckery as per the norm.

Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2, E.3: “It Came From Beneath The Sewers”

Welcome again to another episode of TMNT! Let me just take a quick moment to thank you for reading these reviews. The web traffic has increased every day so that’s an encouraging sign!

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving here in the US, I am not promising a new blog, but I will try to have it up early before any of my real activities for the day get going.

OK, back to important stuff. The Turtles have to hunt down this crystal and Shredder already has the first part of it. That brings us to…

S.2, E.3: “It Came From Beneath The Sewers”. Original Air Date: 10/15/1988


We pick up immediately from where we left off yesterday. The Turtles and April are using the Crystal-finder machine thing to try to find the next piece of the Eye of Sarnath. Shredder has the same idea and is now FaceTiming Krang to use the fancy equipment in the Technodrome (which is still in Dimension X) to track the crystal as well. Both parties track it to a local carnival.

The Turtles seem like they’ll get there before Shredder, but it’s instead found by a couple of kids before they can get there. April tries haggling with them and offers $3 (American) for the crystal, but even in 1988 that was a joke of an offer and they send April away. She runs off to find the Turtles to get more money, but they’ve been taken to a side-stage as they were mistaken for costumed performers and are being forced to put on a show.

While April is trying to find them, Shredder and Baxter roll up on these kids and make no offer of $3, they just take the crystal from them with a snicker and head back to the super secret hideout. While there, Baxter drops the crystal and it makes contact with some dirt from the bottom of Shredder’s boot. They discover that the crystal is able to create some kind of mutating dirt spore out of that and Shredder is hyped that he has another means to try to destroy the Turtles.

For someone who’s supposed to be a karate master, Shredder is Mr. Science AF.

The Turtles are now home in the sewers telling Splinter about how Shredder has the new portion of the crystal when, all of a sudden, a giant mutant plant comes breaking through the wall. Between robots and mousers and now plants all attacking Splinter and the Turtles in the sewers, it’s amazing that all of NYC hasn’t completely crumbled from the shattered underground base due to all these battles. And we’re only 8 episodes in. I can’t imagine how many more times this shit happens.

So yeah, picture a Venus Flytrap on fucking steroids (like a D-Ball and Winstrol stack) and that’s what’s trying to eat the Turtles. The defeat it for the moment and it retreats back through the sewers.

Cut to April’s apartment – which is new since her last one WAS FUCKING DESTROYED AND ALL HER NEIGHBORS KILLED a few episodes ago – where April and Irma (who also works at Channel 6) are sitting around, having coffee and talking about boys. OK, this is gonna get good. It’s like having a listening device planted in a girl’s sleepover and we’re gonna get to hear some wild ass shit…and then there’s a knock at the door and kills that pipe dream before it could come to fruition.

April answers the door, but nobody is there. Just a note with an address and saying where to meet. It’s signed by the Turtles. Now, I will say right now: this makes no fucking sense. If the Turtles could take the time to ring ‘n run April’s door, why not just wait for her to fucking answer and tell her to get her coat because they’re going out? It’s obviously a fucking trap. And it’s made even creepier that Shredder knows where April lives! Why would you want to keep living there if the Shredder can just pop in unannounced whenever the fuck he feels like it? I wouldn’t feel safe. I don’t feel safe just writing about it. What if Shredder reads this blog and is like, “I’m gonna get that motherfucker for blowing up my spot since obviously nobody else realized this shit”? I could be in real trouble, you guys.

April, despite her background as an investigative journalist, doesn’t heed my warning and shows up alone to the address which is just an empty warehouse. Shredder pops out like, “SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKERS” and captures her. She’s tied to a chair as Shredder takes her Turtle-Com and dares the TMNT to save their friend.

Even at only 8 episodes in, April is proving to be a girl with a ton of drama. I don’t know if I would continue hanging out with her if I wasn’t hitting it.

The Turtles arrive at the warehouse disguised as pizza delivery boys and fucking Baxter opens the door like a real jerk because who doesn’t have four pizza delivery boys show up with an order you never placed?! Stupid, Baxter. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

The Turtles save April as Baxter and Shredder again escape, but there’s a news report on saying a giant plant is destroying the city. They grab April and head out to meet the plant and, after remembering Splinter’s advice to get to “the root of the problem”, are able to cut the plant down and come away with this one filed under W.

Best line:

I’m going to start including this in every review I do. You get some real good shit these writers were able to slip in. Like this gem:

Shredder: Good catch, Baxter!

Baxter: You must admit, I do have soft hands.

And the gay-dar needle is pinned to the max.

Final Thoughts:

The entirety of this episode is completely preposterous. And I fucking loved it! This was a wonderful collection of things that shouldn’t make sense and when it was over, I stopped, shrugged and said, “seems legit.” That being said, there are a lot of things here that are going to impact the remainder of this story-arc, at least in the short-term.

Shredder’s finally getting some heat on the Turtles. He’s beating them to the crystals and, although they’ve been able to rescue Splinter and April from his clutches, he continues to escape and further his cause. Krang has to be impressed with his showing of late and it seems like just a matter of time until Shredder gets his reinforcements sent to him from Dimension X.

Once again, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I will try to get an episode in, but no promises. Thanks to all for reading and keep the comments, Tweets and e-mails coming! Happy Thanksgiving!

❤ Joe


Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2, E.2: “The Incredible Shrinking Turtles”

Welcome to another exciting episode of TMNT! This is episode 7 overall so thanks for reading and following along as I dive back into this series.

Yesterday, we learned that Shredder is back on Earth, but at bare bones levels of support as Krang refuses to help him or send weaponry. He’s basically a two-man team with his number one hench, Baxter Stockman who he broke out of a mental hospital. Solid choice as your number two.

Quick programming note: I’ll be attempting to keep up on this as best as possible, but with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up and traveling and all that shit, a day or so may get skipped along the way. Don’t worry, I won’t be abandoning this like I did with M.A.S.K. You can always catch the updates on our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter.

And don’t forget to listen to all the episodes of our podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Google Play!

With all of that out of the way, let’s get to the cartoon!

S.2, E.2: “The Incredible Shrinking Turtles”. Original Air Date: 10/08/1988

We join our heroes already in progress as they are in the middle of a training session in a park. Which park? I’ll assume it’s Central Park since this is a NYC-based show so I think it’s safe to assume they’d utilize the hot spots. During their training, they notice a spaceship speeding toward the Earth and crashing into a nearby pond. Which pond? Um…I don’t know the name of any ponds in Central Park. We’ll call it Stark’s Pond after the one the kids in “South Park” go to. Regardless of the name, the spaceship crashes into the pond.

The Turtles dive in and rescue the alien pilot and swim to land. He’s fading, but he tells them that three pieces of crystal making up the Eye of Sarnath were lost during the crash and that the Turtles need to recover them before they fall into the wrong hands because they have great power. He gives them a machine that kind of looks like Egon Spengler’s PKE Meter to help them track the crystals and then evaporates right before their eyes as if he never existed in the first place.

Another day, another death with zero mourning in the TMNT-iverse.

Unbeknownst to the Turtles, the Shredder was peeping on their training sesh from behind some bushes and hears this entire encounter. This sounds like just the sort of information a shady character like him would be extremely interested in.

The Turtles jump into the Turtle Van which is hardly the most conspicuous mode of transport during the daytime when half the city still thinks you’re a fucking green menace, but whatevs. Also, they don’t have valid plates or insurance and whenever they drive, there’s never even one other car on the road. Ever. In New York City. I call shenanigans. Maybe they filmed this in Vancouver or some shit.

So the Turtles are in the van and the Crystal-tracking device leads them to the docks. They’re able to locate the crystal fragment in a huge dumpster full of trash, but Shredder has been tailing them the entire time and swoops in to steal it for himself. A fight breaks out, but during a momentary pause, Shredder points the crystal at the Turtles and they begin shrinking. They’re able to escape to the sewers to get away from Shredder, but only barely.

With the Turtles out of the picture and his new-found shrinking power, Shredder is having a gay old-time walking around NYC, shrinking skyscrapers and building a model of the city on a table with the actual buildings. And who could blame him? That shit looks bananas! More importantly, he’s using this power to show off to Krang that he’s finally going to put an end to the Turtles.

Baxter has been working on a new gadget called a “Heat Seeking Turtle Scope” that should allow him to locate the Turtles no matter how small they are. Sure enough, the mini-Turtles get swept through the sewers by a gush of water and into the ocean where Baxter is awaiting with a fishing net to capture them. He brings them back to the hideout where Shredder and Krang are FaceTiming and Shredder is going to have Krang watch as he kills the Turtles with a pipe. Dude ain’t fucking messing around. Krang is pretty impressed. Probably surprised too since he’s pretty much looked at Shredder as a bumbling fool for how the Turtles have pwned him up to this point.

Just when you think time has run out for our heroes, the Turtle Van comes busting through the door of the hideout and Splinter pops out to begin another round of battle with Shredder. April is able to locate the crystal fragment and points it at the Turtles again, but this time it reverses the effects it previously had and restores them to normal size.

April must have put down the crystal for some reason at some point, because as soon as the Turtles have been fixed, Baxter and Shredder are getting the fuck out of Dodge with the crystal. Splinter takes everybody back home so they can rest and plan to stop Shredder from finding the remaining crystals tomorrow.

Final Thoughts:

Fucking weird episode. Aliens. Crystals. Powers. Reversals. And why the fuck would April put down the crystal? I’m not expecting reality TV here, but one second she’s holding it and the next, Shredder’s riding off into the moonlight bragging about still having control of it.

I dunno, it’s the beginning of new story arc, so I’m interested, but the set-up is weird. Lots of people have theoretically died in this show as I’ve outlined previously, but this is the first one we actually see die on-screen. And when the alien evaporates, he leaves a coffin-shaped imprint on the ground. Meanwhile, the Turtles don’t know this dude, but they bought into his story about the crystals without so much as a second-thought.

There’s an awful-lot of WTF in this episode. I say that as someone who readily accepts that walking, talking turtles doing karate is just a part of everyday life. Maybe this will calm down as we get more into the hunt for the crystals. This was just too much today.

Until tomorrow.

❤ Joe



Jim Henson’s “The Storyteller”

In this week’s episode, we talk about watching a couple episodes of a Jim Henson show called “The Storyteller”. Each episode is based on an old fable and is put to visuals by the expected Jim Henson-puppetry fare. It’s pretty interesting and fun to look at since this form is basically non-existent in today’s day and age.

We received some feedback about this show, so to make it easy on you, here are the two episodes we watched and spoke about. You can find more with an easy YouTube search.

The Soldier & Death

Hans My Hedgehog

Have a look and tell us what you think.


Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.2, E.1: “Return of the Shredder”

Welcome back to the premiere of Season 2 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! When we left off yesterday, our heroes had banished Shredder, Krang and the Technodrome to the fiery hell of Dimension X to the delight of Krang and sorrow of Shredder.

Things have been kind of peaceful in New York since then as the only crimes left are the ones we’re used to like muggings and shit. Those are OK.

But where does that leave our beloved heroes in a half-shell? Only one way to find out…

S.2, E.1: “Return of the Shredder”. Original Air Date: 10/01/1988


Leonardo and Michelangelo are at the supermarket picking up the necessities when a couple of bad hombres storm the joint in a robbery attempt. The Turtles snuff out the threat fairly easily and the cashier comps their groceries as a thank you for saving her. Leo and Mikey slip outta there quickly before the cops show up. April O’Neil and her news team show up to the scene and get an interview with the cashier where she explains how the Turtles saved the day.

Meanwhile, in Dimension X (here to referred to as “DX”…I won’t do the Suck Its today) Shredder is whining about how losing to the Turtles was an accident and that Krang needs to send him back to Earth because he wants to rule Earth, not DX. If I was Krang, I’d send this dude back with the quickness just so I didn’t have to listen to his incessant moaning. Finally, Krang gives in and allows Shredder to return, but keeps Bebop and Rocksteady in DX.

April’s back in the newsroom where she’s trying to convince her boss, Burne Thompson that the Turtles are the good guys, but he ain’t having it. We find out that this is because Burne’s new girlfriend, Tiffany, hates turtles and those who sympathize with turtles. To be fair, I don’t blame him. Burne is a tubby, middle-aged man and – based on his wardrobe – ain’t making a lot of money, so to have Tiffany who’s probably around 20 years his junior and is definitely a piece has to be considered a score and quite frankly, I’d hate the Turtles for her too.

Shredder is walking around NYC and has a mugging attempted against him, but he stops it quickly and the realizes he’ll need to assemble a crew since Krang isn’t allowing him any of his minions. I assume he checks the yellow pages for “Corrupt Karate Schools” as he ends up at the “Slash For Cash Dojo” and immediately shows off his ninja skills and the trainees along with their sensei, Smash, fall in line immediately.

Shredder uses his new henchman to carry out crimes while disguised as turtles. They even cut promos to any cameras in the vicinity calling themselves “The Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang”. The public is quick to buy into their shitty costumes and sentiment is starting to get negative towards the real Turtles. He then frees Baxter Stockman from an insane asylum because…well, what criminal mastermind DOESN’T need a mad scientist on his team?

Baxter builds a new rat catching machine because it seems to be his specialty and, once again, Splinter is captured by the bad guys. The Turtles follow the trail and are led to the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang whom they beat in a rather one-sided affair before going to track down Shredder’s new hideout at the Slash For Cash Dojo.

Sidebar: what aspiring karate student signs up for lessons at a place called the Slash For Cash Dojo? Seriously. What in the fuck do you think you’ll possibly learn there? I’d really like to sit down and talk to the parents who signed permission slips for their kids to attend the Slash For Cash Dojo and train under master Smash.

OK, back from my tangent. So the Turtles arrive at the Dojo and find Splinter tied up, but there’s a battering ram booby trap that is going to flatten our favorite rat. Baxter drives into the suddenly spacious dojo in his rat-catcher mobile, but the Turtles fend him off and the machine takes the brunt of the battering ram just as Leonardo is able to free Splinter. Whew. That was a close one.

Shredder and Baxter escape and Krang chews out Shredder for losing again. He says he won’t be sending any help for Shredder until he proves himself. April arrives on scene and does a report detailing the events and saying that the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang was a hoax and that the real Turtles are heroes.

Final Thoughts:

This is probably the weakest of the six episodes thus far, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. There’s a lot of nonsense to get through to get us set up for the ensuing season, but they seem to be able to do that within the first couple of minutes.

The show, despite still being in its infancy, continues to play to its strengths which are not taking itself too seriously and just having fun characters, fights and verbal interactions. The stuff between Shredder and Krang is great. Baxter plays the inferior henchman role incredibly well and the Turtles are distinct and unique from each other which keeps you from getting sick of them. It’s a pretty good formula.

So we’ve scratched the surface on Season 2! We will have to keep coming back to see what – if any – help Shredder can get from Krang who seems happy as a pig in shit in DX and how that will improve his chances of finally being able to dine on Turtle Soup.

See you tomorrow.

❤ Joe


Daily Cartoon! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, S.1, E.5: “Shredder and Splintered”

Welcome back to another exciting edition of TMNT. Technically, this episode is the Season 1 finale and will send shockwaves throughout the universe for untold decades to come. The stakes are high. My cup of coffee is low.

I’ll be honest: I’m only awake right now because work was texting and I replied, “Tell me Monday at 9AM.” Being awake is awful in the morning. Which brings us to our season finale!

S.1, E.5: “Shredder And Splintered”. Original Air Date: 12/18/1987


New Yorkers have been reporting Turtle sightings and April is tight that it’s not her story. Burne Thompson, April’s boss at Channel 6, is treating the Turtles as “the green menace”. A lotta Spider-Man/J. Jonah Jameson going on here. The Turtles assure April they’ll give her the full scoop once the Shredder is defeated.

Speak of the devil, Shredder beams himself into the Turtles’ TV to show off his new ray-gun that reverses the effects of the mutagen. The Turtles immediately jump up because they need that to turn Splinter back into Hamato Yoshi, but Splinter tells them to pump them brakes because Shredder could use it to also turn them back into regular turtles. He decides he must go and retrieve the ray-gun alone.

The Turtles head out the in the flying car the Neutrinos left behind to drop-off Splinter at the Technodrome as if it’s soccer camp, but the car runs out of gas or whatever the fuck you fill a flying space car with. Donatello gets an idea and runs off to Baxter Stockman’s abandoned lab to build something while the Turtles press on with getting to the Technodrome.

We cut to the Technodrome where Shredder is showing Krang the body he finally got around to building for him. It’s the most awkward fucking looking thing ever and I don’t know how this drawing got past creative at any level of the design-process. But Krang seems to be ecstatic with it and now he can be loaded into the stomach of this monstrosity where he can control the thing, so what do I know?

Before Krang can be inserted into the new body, he insists that Shredder insert a computer chip into it that can amplify molecules. Shredder is initially resistant, but says, “Fuck it, whatever” because he knows he basically has no say after getting schooled by the Turtles at every turn. Shredder installs the chip and braces Krang to the machine to begin the…fuck…the installation? The conversion? Whatever you call it, we get a Frankenstein-scene that shows the body showing some signs of animation and Shredder giving us the whole, “It’s alive…it’s aliveeeeeeeeeeee!”

The three remaining Turtles and Splinter arrive at the Technodrome triggering the intruder alarm and Shredder goes into a panic because Krang hasn’t fully recovered from the procedure.The Turtles make quick work of the Foot robots and Splinter slips inside the Technodrome in search of the Mutagen-reversal gun. He finds…almost too easily only to find that it’s a hologram and is then ambushed by Shredder and begins a hot ninja fight.

Krang has finally recovered enough and tries summoning his army from Dimension X through the interdimensional Technodrome portal, but is stopped temporarily by the Turtles. He then activates the molecular amplifier he had implanted in his body and expands to be the biggest fucking thing you or I will ever see. Seriously, he grows so much that he just start busting through everything whether it be the Technodrome or the street.

The Turtles have no fucking clue how in the hell they’ll defeat this, but Donatello finally shows up in his new creation: the Turtle Blimp which was created out of the Neutrinos flying car and spare parts from Baxter’s lab.

Brief tangent: when I was a kid, the Turtle Blimp was one of the coolest fucking toys. My brother and I wanted the ever-living shit out of this. And when we got it…yeah, we played with it for a bit, but were so disappointed that it didn’t float on its own that it got a permanent space in the toy chest rather quickly. But now, as someone with a deep appreciation for vintage toy collections, I love seeing how people display it as part of their TMNT world.

So Donatello shows up in the blimp and April and her news crew are tailing them so April can finally get her story. Donatello and Leonardo are dropped onto Krang’s shoulder and find a seam into which they can get inside to destroy the amplification device. The two narrowly escape as Krang is shrinking back to a normal size.

Krang calls Shredder for help, but he’s still fighting Splinter in a very even battle which is impressive considering the difference in weight class between the two. Shredder finally says to hell with the games and uses a device to lock Splinter inside an electric cage so he can run off to help Krang.

Splinter, ever the strategist, is able to pry a screw from the bottom of the cage and expertly throw it at a generator which disables the power and frees him. He heads toward the other battle to try to stop Shredder from using the anti-mutagen ray on the Turtles.

As he arrives, he finds Shredder about to do precisely that, but throws his walking stick like a spear and destroys the ray-gun. Shredder and Krang tuck tail and head back to the Technodrome as the Turtles thank Splinter, but are sad that he’ll never be human again. They quickly realize they can’t let the bad guys off the hook, however, and head back to the Technodrome to finish the job.

When they arrive, they find Krang and Shredder getting ready to bring Krang’s army from Dimension X through the portal. Donatello is able to think quick and reverse the power of the portal which begins sucking everything into Dimension X. The Turtles and Splinter realize what’s happening and run for the hills to complete a daring escape just as the Technodrome and everything inside it are drawn into Dimension X.

Krang is thrilled when he realizes what has happened as he sees his opportunity to reclaim his home, but Shredder, obviously is a tad on the upset side of waking up in that shithole from now on.

Back at the ranch, April finally does her big story on the Turtles, but public opinion is still split on them. Splinter uses his spidey-senses to deduce that they haven’t seen the last of Shredder which is a nice way to tease the next season.

Final Thoughts:

This was a high-energy, awesome end to an abbreviated introductory season. These first five episodes were awesome. As a mini-arc, the writing was entertaining, the animation was fun and the humor was pretty impressive and held up well after nearly 30 years. Since this is something I haven’t seen since seeing it originally as a kid, the memory refreshing was minimal and felt more like watching something for the first time.

With that said, I loved this and give the first season of this show ****.

Season 2 begins ASAP and will hopefully pick up right where this left off.

❤ Joe