Jenny McCarthy Posters?! I ‘member! I ‘member!

Jenny McCarthy was undoubtedly one of the more popular sex symbols of the mid-90s. From being Playmate of the Year (when being in Playboy was still something cool) to gracing our TVs on MTV’s “Singled Out”, she was inspirational for many young men who were going through their own personal discovery of manliness.

Both of us were no different. As it turns out, we recently discovered that each of us had Jenny McCarthy posters up in our rooms at some point, so we’ve taken this opportunity to share our brief poster memories.


The Pink Bikini

“Looking back, I don’t really know why I had this poster hanging on my wall. I don’t like blondes and I’m not a boob guy. But man, Jenny McCarthy was the “IT” girl” – Gomez (2016)


White Lingerie

“I can say that at no point was Jenny McCarthy ever like my dream girl. Remember, Pam Anderson was still the GOAT at this time. But yo, this poster was pretty good and my friends that I played hockey with in the street all thought I was the coolest for being allowed to have this on my wall.” – Joe (2016)

So there you have it. Our Jenny McCarthy poster memories. Just so he won’t complain about not getting a shout, we’d like to acknowledge our friend Armando as the world’s biggest Jenny fan. He legitimately had all her posters. And magazines covers. And promotional ads. Dude loveddddddd Jenny McCarthy.

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