Ep. 20 : “Treehouse of Horror”

This week’s episode was action-packed! We start off talking about the new season of THE WALKING DEAD and the new Lady Gaga album, “Joanne” in addition to our memories of the Columbia House CD club.

Then the six weeks of horror continue with TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL and a Halloween episode of “Castle”!

This week’s main event has the boys tackle every Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror special ever including an attempted rating before concluding with the Big Finish and our first ever on-air fight!

Joe Meets/Is The Revolting Blob!

So I talk about this sometimes on the podcast, but – if you didn’t know or weren’t sure – I am and have been a professional wrestler for the past 15 years now. Throughout that time, I’ve had a few different names and characters, but about four years ago, I got a phone call asking me if I’d be interested in being The Revolting Blob.

Of course, The Revolting Blob is from the Adam Sandler classic, BILLY MADISON and has an interesting background story of killing a man by sitting on his face. Well, that became me and every now and then, I can be found on a local wrestling show in full Blob regalia scaring and/or exciting you and your small children.

Well, three years ago at a Chiller Theater convention in New Jersey, Josh Mostel, who played the Blob, was appearing as part of a JESUS CHRIST: SUPERSTAR reunion and you know what I had to do. So, while with the girl I was trying to woo and her parents, I got changed into the Blob costume and met the real deal. I should tell this story on the podcast. It’s fun. And detailed.


So we met, took a pic and shared about a good 20 minutes of Blob stories on both sides. It was great.

The next day, the girl who was previously mentioned went back to the Con, but this time armed with an 8×10 of The Blob and I that she had printed out and had him sign it to me. We probably should have gotten married 10 minutes after that. The girl and I. Not the Blob and I. He’s not my type.

But yeah, I have this signed 8×10 that is one of my prized possessions. It’s amazing.


Super awesome.

Anyway, for more info on me being the Revolting Blob, you can like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter and can even find stuff on Google and YouTube. I keep my appearances limited nowadays, but I still have fun doing them here and there.

❤ Joe


Ep. 19: “Luke Cage”

Hey! It’s a new episode! This week we talk about the new Netflix series “Luke Cage” and continue the six weeks of horrow with KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE and a Halloween special from one of our favorite shows ever, “Community”. We also spit some sports because…well, we like sports. Enjoy!



Freddy + Dokken = Magic

Movies may not have amazing themes or accompanying videos anymore, but A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: THE DREAM WARRIORS certainly had both! In this video, our film’s protagonist, Kristen, goes into her dream to defeat Dokken (and Freddy, I suppose) only to give us the big Vince Russo-swerve at the end when it turns out that this was Freddy’s nightmare all along! He’s no fan of Dokken. This is so wonderfully 80s from start to finish.

Jenny McCarthy Posters?! I ‘member! I ‘member!

Jenny McCarthy was undoubtedly one of the more popular sex symbols of the mid-90s. From being Playmate of the Year (when being in Playboy was still something cool) to gracing our TVs on MTV’s “Singled Out”, she was inspirational for many young men who were going through their own personal discovery of manliness.

Both of us were no different. As it turns out, we recently discovered that each of us had Jenny McCarthy posters up in our rooms at some point, so we’ve taken this opportunity to share our brief poster memories.


The Pink Bikini

“Looking back, I don’t really know why I had this poster hanging on my wall. I don’t like blondes and I’m not a boob guy. But man, Jenny McCarthy was the “IT” girl” – Gomez (2016)


White Lingerie

“I can say that at no point was Jenny McCarthy ever like my dream girl. Remember, Pam Anderson was still the GOAT at this time. But yo, this poster was pretty good and my friends that I played hockey with in the street all thought I was the coolest for being allowed to have this on my wall.” – Joe (2016)

So there you have it. Our Jenny McCarthy poster memories. Just so he won’t complain about not getting a shout, we’d like to acknowledge our friend Armando as the world’s biggest Jenny fan. He legitimately had all her posters. And magazines covers. And promotional ads. Dude loveddddddd Jenny McCarthy.


Golden Girls Mania!

As discussed in Ep. 18 “Freddy or Jason”, I’m a huge fan of “The Golden Girls”. I used to watch it with my grandma and even have the collector’s set DVDs. I still love it and think the humor holds up pretty well.

So it was of no surprise that when Funko announced a series of POP Vinyl figures based on the show, I was all over it.


I pre-ordered these beauties immediately and even kept a space clear in my apartment for their impending arrival. They’re amazing.

A little bit after that announcement, there came another one containing the news of a special New York Comic Con exclusive of our beloved ladies done in the fashion of ReAction figures.


Supposedly, this pack became the hot toy of Comic Con and none of the people I knew who were attending were able to grab it for me. This has now gone on to be an eBay nightmare with some closing in on $200. I love the Golden Girls and would love to have figures in the same scale as the Super7 Masters of the Universe, but c’mon now. That shit is banana town.

So yeah, this is what I was getting so upset about. I have no idea why all these people decided to jump on the Golden Girl bandwagon that I’ve been driving for decades. Hey, fugazi fans: stop ruining shit for the rest of us!

At least this sweet t-shirt was waiting in my mailbox when I got home:


Based on the wonderfulness that is this clip, obvi:

Just had to get this all out. Thanks for listening.

❤ Joe