Halloween Is Grinch Night

In this week’s episode, I made Gomez watch this forgotten “classic” which features the iconic Grinch carrying out his devious Halloween plans. There’s a reason why this isn’t a well-known special as there’s really nothing redeemable about this. But it exists and it’s only 25 minutes, so give it a watch.

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❤ Joe


Episode 15: “Blair Witch”

Hey! Episode 15 is here and this week, it’s a full-length one where we discuss how holding small iPhones makes us feel like Andre The Giant before diving into both “The Blair Witch Project” and its newly released sequel, “Blair Witch”. Remember to like, subscribe, review and send us any feedback!


Episode 14: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

A short episode this week. We tried doing better, it didn’t work, so here’s the good portion of what we had recorded. It was Joe’s birthday which saw the return of Shrimpenstein, CM Punk got his shit pushed in and the boys finally watch POPSTAR with their double main man, Andy Samberg. Enjoy!


The Many Notes of Mega Man 2

On this week’s episode, I talked about how much I loved the soundtrack of Mega Man 2. It’s awesome. Specifically, I mentioned how much I love the music to the “Dr. Wily: Stage 1” level. A lot of you have inquired to some of the tracks I was talking about, so what better than to put a collection of them in one place for your listening entertainment?!

First things first. Here’s the actual in-game version of the song:

Now, to follow, my favorite cover that I’ve found thus far performed by a gentleman named Songe who is a French musician and producer:

The much asked-about Mariachi cover:

Here’s an a capella cover that’s more interesting than good:

The metal version we not only need, but deserve:

A very Japanese riff-heavy version:

Finally, another one-man band version. Not as good as the other one earlier, but still fun:

So that’s a little collection of some covers of what is definitely my favorite video game song of all-time and may very well be the greatest. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

❤ Joe