Episode-A-Day! MASK, Ep. 20: “Cold Fever”

Welcome to another exciting (we hope) episode of MASK. Miles Mayhem and his cronies are still on the loose trying to take over the world with hackneyed plans so we get more episodes of him being foiled since MASK doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to arrest him or bring him to justice.

MASK is back on location in today’s episode which seems to be the thing now. Everyday we are in some exotic location. I would love to see all the stamps in Scott Trakker’s passport.

So that’s where we begin today with “Cold Fever”!


Picture it. Alaska. 1985. Bruce is driving a snowmobile across the wilderness when he comes across a crazy man running around with no shirt on in the 65 below zero weather. But the man doesn’t even have frostbite – oh no – he’s hot! Burning up, even! Bruce takes the man to the hospital where it turns out that the man is a scientist who discovered some microbes in Alaskan ice that can cause a rare disease. He’s also discovered the cure, but VENOM has stolen both the way to create the disease and the way to cure it as a way to monetize people’s misery. It’s actually a lot like real life.

We get a lot of back and forth battles through snow and ice which remind me of one of the most important movies in cinematic history:

I fucking love that video so goddamn much.

So…um…yeah, VENOM traps MASK on small glaciers and runs to their secret Alaskan base thinking they shall no longer be interfered with, but of course, MASK comes back with a vengeance, storms the hideout and destroys the microbes and recovers the cure.


At least this episode explains that Matt Trakker is in Alaska because there have been reports of VENOM activity. This is possibly the most annoying Scott and T-Bob have ever been as they utterly refuse to just stay away and they keep bothering me.

Not a bad episode and I like the angle of VENOM trying to monetize a disease since our government has been doing that for decades. The fighting scenes were a little meh today, but all in all, a step up from the past couple of days. Also, anything that allows me an excuse to show a Mr. Freeze highlight video is A-OK.


We get a new PSA about playing with matches. Don’t do it. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

**. A much needed improvement over the past few days, but the writing on this show has a genuine problem with building drama or making you believe there are actual stakes. While you know that MASK is going to triumph in the end, even with a suspension of disbelief, the writing is lazy and uninspired in most episodes.

The draw on this show is that you get part-GI Joe and part-Transformers with cool vehicles – some of which can turn into different types of vehicles. This was clearly based to sell a toy line, which is fine, but there isn’t a lot of solid substance on the TV side. Kind of disappointing since there are enough elements here that could make for a very appealing show, but unfortunately, that just doesn’t come through in this series.

Well, that’s it for today. We keep marching on and will be back with the conclusion of Week 3 tomorrow!

❤ Joe

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