Episode-A-Day! MASK, Ep. 15: “The Sceptre of Rajim”

Yay! We made it to Monday! It’s Week 3! Episode 15! Just 50 more to go after today! I’m very excited about this. Yesterday’s was the best episode to date and now I’m motivated to keep going.

So, with that said, we keep the ball rolling with Episode 15: “The Sceptre of Rajim”!


Matt, Scott and T-Bob are in India where Matt has been doing some work for a tiger preserve that he donates to. Once again, where the fuck does Matt Trakker get his goddamn money from? Two days ago he was building a hospital in a third world country and now he’s protecting tigers in India?! Seriously, Matt Trakker is the most amazing man I’ve ever heard of since Zack Morris put those subliminal messages in people’s audio cassettes.

During the night, Matt and Scott are woken up by an intense light: the Rajim Borealis which happens once every five years and is scrambling all of their electronics including T-Bob.

Matt hires a tour guide to take him to the tiger preserve while leaving Scott and T-Bob at the hotel which begs the question: how has he been working on this tiger preserve if he needs a fucking tour guide to show him where it is? Also, the Indian tour is a lot less Indian and a lot more Tarzan. Let’s use this as an excuse to hit the music:

Matt is abandoned by Tarzan Boy in the jungle where he uses his briefcase computer to call in MASK to investigate why his electronics are being scrambled. Yes, they’re scrambled, but his computer works fine. I dunno what to tell you.

Poor Brad is in the middle of teaching a music class for children when his MASK watch goes off and he runs out without a word. I have zero clue why anybody depends on him for anything.

VENOM and Mayhem are in search of a lost city which contains the Sceptre of Rajim which can neutralize radiation. Once MASK arrives, VENOM goes on the attack and are able to catch Alex and Bruce in a rock slide where they’re trapped in a cave. Brad and Matt go looking for them and come upon the lost city of Rajim which isn’t really lost, it’s just off the grid and the citizens don’t want to be bothered by intruders.

VENOM sneaks in and steals the Sceptre, but Matt is able to chase them down and return it to the citizens of Rajim where they are appreciative of him and all of MASK and think they’re very honorable.


There’s an awful lot of “what the fuck” here. How does the city of Rajim get their food and light and water being hidden deep underground in a cavern? How has nobody else stumbled upon this city when MASK found it in like 16 minutes? Once again, how the fuck is Miles planning a scheme in a country where Matt just happens to be working with a tiger preserve? I think I’m having a goddamn aneurysm.


Make sure you label poisons and household cleaners. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

** 1/4*. Not worse than some, but there’s an awful lot here where you just sit your glasses on the table and rub your temples trying to make sense of everything while your wife cooks dinner and, sure, it smells good, but you’re not really in the mood for meatloaf tonight and you know damn well you can’t say that and you’re really hungry, so you know you’re just going to have to accept it and go to bed unsatisfied.

That’s what this episode was like.

With that, Week 3 is underway. We keep this rolling tomorrow. Also, thanks to all who are reading these as we’ve seen the traffic on these posts jump pretty significantly lately. Thanks for stopping by, San Diego.

❤ Joe

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