Episode-A-Day! MASK, Ep. 13: “The Creeping Terror”

Still catching up to get back on schedule, but here we are with MASK, Ep. 13! This one is called, “The Creeping Terror”. I give this show credit for having some pretty intense episode titles.


We open in a cavern where some huge eggs are beginning to hatch. Cut to a scene where two third-world natives are traveling by boat transporting a decent amount of food back to their village where they encounter the monsters from the eggs who look to be tremendous caterpillars.

The men escape and flee back to their village where they warn everybody including MASK’s Matt and Alex who are there opening a new hospital that Matt has graciously paid for. Matt and Alex begin investigating and come across the hatched egg shells and immediately call in the MASK agents best suited for this mission.

VENOM agents see them snooping around and try to chase them off, but MASK has bigger problems as the caterpillars surround Hondo and his truck which also has Scott and T-Bob inside. MASK is able to relax momentarily by throwing their food at the catepillars and getting them to leave. MASK discovers the monsters were genetically altered as a way for VENOM to get them to clear the land to unveil an ancient village that had been covered up by generations of vegetation.

VENOM has been tracking a mythical crystal that, once found, will give them unlimited power. Mayhem activates the crystal, but it becomes immediately unstable and VENOM flees. MASK tracks it and runs into the cave trying to destroy the crystal, but to no avail. VENOM, having seen MASK run in, barricade the the cave opening to trap MASK.

When neither Matt or Hondo’s mask can do anything to stop the crystal, Brad uses his Hocus Pocus mask to creat a hologram of a coconut so the caterpillars will chase it and eat the crystal. The world is saved.


Giant genetically-altered caterpillars? Whoa. This shit is crazy. But, yo, where the hell did Matt Trakker make all his money that he can build a hospital in a third world country, pay for all this MASK shit and never seem to go to work or have some kind of businesses bringing in the bucks? I dunno, man. Seems sus.

And why does VENOM’s evil plans always intersect with the exotic locations that Matt is traveling to? At some point, you’d think either Matt or Miles Mayhem would back off for a bit and just take some time away from constantly engaging in group warfare to try to get something done on the other side of the world. At this point, it’s not even coincidence.


Don’t sit on the handlebars while someone is riding a bike. It’s dangerous and someone could get hurt. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

** 1/2*. Pretty similar episode to the one before, although this one had the addition of giant, plant-eating caterpillars. Nice twist there. I never saw that coming.

OK, so we’re pretty much back on track and later today, we’ll catch up and close out week 2 of MASK. Moving along nicely!

❤ Joe


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