Episode-A-Day! MASK, Ep.12: “Solaria Park”

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of MASK. I apologize that we broke our streak. I was traveling and forgot my MASK notes at home and then the trip went to shit and I needed to sleep desperately, but I’m here now and I bring with me some more MASK goodness. We’ll get back on schedule for all of you who are hanging tight to the world of MASK.


Matt & Scott Trakker along with T-Bob and Bruce as sailing in the Greek Islands. Scott and T-Bob are worn out from all the work that goes into sailing so Matt gives them a day off to sit around and do nothing and leaves them with Bruce while he goes to explore.

Minutes after Matt leaves, the ship catches fire and Bruce and the annoying sidekicks are forced to jump overboard and swim to shore. Bruce and Matt suspect foul play since the fire began on the top sails and begin searching for what could have caused this. They are immediately engaged by VENOM who just happens to be setting up shop in the exact place Matt and company were for a little vacay.

Matt is able to escape from VENOM and calls in for reinforcements. Poor Brad is once again forced to stop recording his sweet new guitar tracks and run off to join MASK.

The good guys believe the attack to have come from a new amusement park called Solaria Park that isn’t set to open for another week, but they decide to check it out. Turns out, it’s a fake park that is set up with mirror upon mirrors everywhere. VENOM is actually behind the park and – upon seeing MASK snooping around – flip the transformer switch as the entire ground the park is built on begins to erupt into the world’s largest solar panel centered by a huge statue of Zeus holding a lightning bolt which acts as the heat ray.

MASK immediately devise a plan to drive Matt’s Thunderhawk car loaded with bombs into the base of the Zeus statue that will force the park to crumble before Mayhem can fully charge his heat weapon.

It goes off without a hitch and VENOM is, once again, foiled.


It’s really bad luck that MASK and VENOM just happened to end up in the same part Crazy, even. If you’re Miles Mayhem, you have to be wondering what the fucking odds of that could possibly be.

I’m also consistently amazed in MASK’s ability to get their people and machinery to wherever in the world they need to be with zero trouble. Seriously, I couldn’t even get to Detroit this weekend, but MASK was somehow able to get an entire team and fleet of vehicles to Greece.

That being said, the Simpsons totally ripped this off when Mr. Burns wanted to block out the sun. Only here, Mayhem was going to harness the sun to use as a heat weapon. Kinda the same. Both insanely devious.


For the first time, there was no PSA! In its place was a quick clip of Scott working on a car that would become the new Thunderhawk since Matt sacrificed his car to destroy the Zeus statue.

Final Grade:

**  1/2*. Standard MASK fare, but they were able to destroy this super weapon entirely too easily. Probably could have cut out the first sequence where VENOM engages Matt and Bruce and made the end scene a bit more involved.

So there’s Ep. 12 and I’ll be back ASAP with Ep. 13 to get us back on schedule. So, if you follow this blog, you’ll be seeing a bunch of MASK posts in rapid fire delivery.

❤ Joe

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