Episode-A-Day! MASK: Ep. 11, “The Magma Mole”

Welcome back to today’s episode of MASK! Today we continue with the long-running feud between Matt Trakker and Miles Mayhem with “The Magma Mole”!


Matt, Scott, T-Bob and Bruce are sightseeing in Japan and mention that VENOM is known to be in the area. Suddenly, a tsunami hits and causes major flooding. Matt and Bruce go searching for the source of the tsunami and find a shiny, mineral substance that apparently was recently . Matt calls in the MASK agents best suited to this situation.

Brad runs out of band practice without saying a word to any of his bandmates the moment he gets the call. I’m shocked he still has a band to call his own with how often he runs out on these guys.

MASK uses geology equipment to find a secret VENOM tunnel where they first encounter The Magma Mole: a giant, drilling vehicle operated by Miles Mayhem. Gloria is able to use her mask to interrupt the drilling, but Miles escapes.

Matt uses Spectrum (his fancy mask with such supervision) to find a soft spot in the cave to escape the flooding in the cave. VENOM begins drilling again in an attempt to unleash an intense volcano, but Matt is able to use Spectrum vibration to stop the drill at which point, VENOM flees and swears comeuppance next time. Seriously, every time Matt uses Spectrum for anything, I’m instantly reminded of “Wonderboy” by Tenacious D where Jack Black yells out, “That’s telekinesis, Kyle!”


Whoa!!! Talk about starting hot! This episode jumps right into the action with the tsunami and it’s a nonstop roller coaster for 22 minutes! OK, maybe not THAT intense, but this was pretty good, although I’m starting to have my doubts that Miles Mayhem will ever be able to overcome the tenacity of MASK.


We get another repeat! This one reminds us to check the depth of the water before diving. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

*** 1/4*. Standard babyface vs. heel stuff here. Pretty good story. The new locale was certainly a welcome change as there’s only so much of generic, desolate, mountainous town I can take. There’s probably a MASK fansite where I can find all this info, but I figure that, if the show wanted me to know, it’d tell me. Bad enough I had to search for an origin story.

Oh, well. That’s enough for today. We are officially 17% of the way through MASK. Tomorrow we make that…more than 17%.

❤ Joe

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