Episode-A-Day! MASK, Ep. 9: “The Oz Effect”

It’s episode 9! We’re really doing this, people! If only I could force myself to stick to a gym routine like I do for this shit. Anyway, here’s MASK, Episode 9: “The Oz Effect”.


During what appears to be a tribal harvest ceremony, “The Wind God” is heard condemning the tribespeople for not worshipping him correctly and he sends a tornado to destroy their village.

A reporter loses her tape recorder during the tornado, but – when recovered – it exposed the Wind God as a devious device used by VENOM. MASK assembles their crew and interrupts Brad from buying a new guitar so he can join them. I guess all those guitars he never finishes tuning weren’t enough.

MASK sends an agent undercover as an aborigine to get trapped in VENOM’s next attack so he can lead MASK directly to VENOM’s hideout. The Wind God attacks another village and MASK tries to counterattack, but VENOM’s tornado captures the town and leaves MASK horribly wrecked.

Matt Trakker uses his Spectrum mask to track the tornado’s ion signature where leads them to Mayhem’s secret hideaway where it’s learned that VENOM is doing this to corner the world’s emerald market. Kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

The two sides do battle again with MASK coming ahead this time and replacing the villages and, I suppose, the world’s supply of emeralds.


I liked that MASK felt some serious consequences for a change after the first battle. It’s about time VENOM came out ahead in something. I would have liked Miles Mayhem to make his intentions clearer earlier in the episode, but not everything’s perfect.

The Wind God was weird AF and I’d love to know where we keep finding little aborigine villages like this all over.


Don’t stick forks in toasters. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

** 1/4* on the Meltzer. Not horrible, but a lot of questioning what the end game was for Mayhem here could have made it confusing. I also don’t know why Trakker didn’t just use Spectrum to track the ion signature of the tornadoes in the first place.


So, we’re in a good groove now with a few days of solid episodes and becoming more comfortable with the characters and their motives. We keep rolling tomorrow.

❤ Joe

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