Episode-A-Day! MASK: Ep. 8, “The Roteks”

Holy smokes, we actually made it to week 2 of MASK-a-day. That’s impressive. I’m impressed. So, what began as a struggle as perked up over the past few days and maybe the show is hitting its stride. Or maybe I’m finally beginning to care about these characters since they never gave me a reason to early on. I don’t know. Either way, things have been better.

So we began our second week of MASK with Episode 8, “The Roteks”!


Matt and Scott Trakker and T-Bob go camping in the woods. Things are looking to be relaxing and fun until some experimental metal-eating insects start feasting on everything possible. Matt immediately calls in the best-suited MASK agents for this mission.

Poor Brad once again runs out without tuning his guitar further emphasizing that he’ll never get to that next level of rock stardom.

As it turns out, VENOM stole the insects (The Rotoks) from the military and stashed them in the woods for safe-keeping until they were ready to use them to carry out their maniacal plan.

MASK devises a way to use the Rotoks against VENOM, but Mayhem uses a homing device to collect them all back into their container before escaping with the Rotoks. This begins a chase through long, mountainous highways where MASK uses a bird-caller to override VENOM’s homing signal and set the Rotoks on VENOM. MASK wins and I assume returns the Rotoks to the military.


I am shocked that these bugs eat metal, but have no interest in the sweet taste of human flesh. Like, none of the people involved in this are even remotely concerned with being bitten by a Rotok. Like, how would you know if you were allergic to a Rotok bite? You wouldn’t! I’d be scared AF!

But outside of that, standard MASK episode with the heroes coming out ahead and Miles Mayhem swearing revenge after yet another of his diabolical schemes gets foiled by the agents of MASK.


Always use safety equipment when using tools. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

**1/2* on the Meltzer scale. Not as good as the past couple of days, but not bad. Everyday, Miles Mayhem becomes a little more Dr. Claw-like.

OK, not a bad start to the new week. We keep this rolling tomorrow.

❤ Joe

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