Episode-A-Day! MASK: Ep. 7, “The Ultimate Weapon”

Welcome back to another episode of MASK. I apologize if the format on this looks off as I’m typing on my phone as I wait for my flight back to beautiful Florida after celebrating Mike Piazza weekend at Citi Field. 

What a time to be alive. 

Anyway, we’ve concluded a full week of MASK. I can’t believe it either. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re doing it together. With that said, on to Ep. 7, “The Ultimate Weapon”!


Matt, Scott and T-Bob go out to see a sci-fi movie. Now that I think about it, no mention has ever been made of Scott’s mom. I wonder if Matt just built him kinda like Vicki from “Small Wonder”.

Either way, VENOM attacks the theater using a high-powered laser to cause damage to the roof before packing up and leaving before any counterattack could be put up against them. 

Trakker is suspicious as to why they would do such a thing, but Mayhem is celebrating an objective accomplished. 

Matt puts together a team and poor Brad has to abandon tuning his guitar. Seriously, he will never be a rock star with that lack of dedication. 

VENOM launches an attack on the local planetarium which is located in a sparsely populated mountainous area that makes you wonder just where in tarnation this show is set. 

MASK is ready for them, however, and attempts to fight back. VENOM, though, has a weapon that is scrambling all MASK vehicles and controls causing their units to go haywire and even injures Gloria after the helicopter crashes into her car. 

MASK agent, Alex, creates neutralizers to offset VENOM’s scramblers and thanks to Brad’s mask being able to create holograms, MASK is able to push back VENOM and save the day. 


I have no idea what they purpose of VENOM’s plan was unless it was just to trick MASK into fighting in an attempt to use the scramblers to turn their vehicles against them and kill them once and for all. That actually sounds like a helluva plan now that I think about it. 

But other than that, the drama was pretty decent and the final battle was fun. 


Hitchhiking is dangerous. Don’t pick up hitchhikers. They – and I quote – “could be a VENOM agent, or worse, a child molester.” Yup. Solid advice. 

Final Grade:

*** on the Meltzer scale. Solid if unspectacular, but a fun little episode. Maybe we’re hitting the stride now. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. 

❤ Joe

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