Episode-A-Day! MASK Ep. 6: “Dinosaur Boy”

Coming off what was the best episode to this point, we’re back with Episode 6! I know, I know, the dedication that I have shown in watching cartoons everyday has been nothing short of inspiring. You’re welcome.


VENOM hires some aborigine tour guides to lead them through the rain forest in search of dino monsters. That is not even a joke.

They come across a family of dino monsters (mom, dad, baby) and steal the baby to use for testing.

Said local aborigine tour guides inform MASK agent Alex of what has happened because he just happens to be looking around in the rain forest that day. Alex informs Matt Trakker who puts together the MASK agents best suited for this mission and they set out to the rain forest.

VENOM was experimenting with using dinosaur anti-bodies for weapons, but it’s lost to MASK in battle. Scott and T-Bob rescue the baby dino and return him to his family.


OK, they kind of cheated here because if there’s one thing I love, it’s dinosaurs. I was in from the beginning and despite the convenience of Alex just hanging out in the rain forest, this episode was pretty fun.


When crossing the street, do it from the crosswalk. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

*** on the Meltzer scale. Best start to finish episode to date. Still don’t think this will become one of my favorite properties, but finally accepting it and settling into what it is.

On to episode 7!

❤ Joe

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