Episode-A-Day! MASK Ep. 4: “Highway To Terror”

I’m struggling. This show – so far – is a huge disappointment which makes me think the things I have nostalgic attachment to is really just fucking horrible and I’ve been lying to myself for all these years.

Maybe I need to go back and take another look at some of the stuff I loved as a kid and really see if it holds up. I would expect the formula to be the same. I mean, all these action/adventure type of shows pretty much followed the same outline, right? I don’t know. I’m rambling. Let’s just get on with Episode 4 of MASK entitled, “Highway To Terror”.


VENOM stops a military convoy to steal plutonium.

An earthquake causes a distraction and we have a standoff between MASK and VENOM.

Bruce from MASK is able to control a plutonium leak with the power of his mask.


Whatever. Yeah, bro, control that fucking nuclear weapon with some fucking thought beam from your helmet. Whatever works.


Check the depth of the water before you dive. You can get hurt if it’s too shallow. Good advice.

Final Grade:

* on the Meltzer scale. Every episode gets a little harder to watch. But I’m going to keep going because…I want to say because I promised you all, but I don’t think anybody fucking cares. I’m just doing it to show I’m not afraid of committment, I guess. Either way, I fucking suck.

❤ Joe

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