Episode-A-Day! MASK: Ep. 3 “The Book of Power”

OK, folks, if you follow this, you know that the lack of background information in this show is driving me insane. Well, it turns out I’ll never be getting my origins as according to some stuff I found through Google, that doesn’t exist. Apparently, there was a mini-comic that tells of Miles Mayhem turning on Matt Trakker and a brother who apparently died and Matt dedicates his life and resources to getting revenge on Miles.

Well. I guess that’s that.

So, since I said I was going to do this and quitting this early would really be sad, here we are with Episode 3!


VENOM steals an old book from a bookstore and during their escape, a monk causes a rock slide which allows MASK to get the book.

Unfortunately, Mayhem has put a tracking device on the book and follows the signal to Matt Trakker’s compound. Scott Trakker actually comes away with the book because he finds it hidden in a pizza box while looking for something to eat.

VENOM comes away with it and we’re lead to yet another fucking cavern in another untouched, mountainous part of town that seems to be as local as me going a couple blocks away to get gas.

MASK is hot on the trail, but both groups are slammed with more fucking booby traps. There’s just not a lot of plot diversity in this show. Turns out the cave is being protected by an entire group of monks who need to be convinced of MASK’s goodness once VENOM is chased off.

T-Bob the robot is being a jerk and grabs one of the monk’s staff and unknowingly finds and unlocks the legend of the book. He’s now like a fucking robot god to the monks or something.


I just…OK, it is what it is. So, going forward, I will just accept it and try to enjoy it for it is. Either way, this episode was almost a carbon copy of yesterday’s. I don’t like that. And I hate T-Bob. I know every 80s cartoon has a T-Bob (Orko, Snarf, etc.), but there’s just something that really irks me about T-Bob.


The PSA on every episode is quickly becoming my favorite part of this show. This one is no different. Wear a seatbelt, kids. They’re there for a reason.

Final Grade:

**. Points off for another secret cavern with booby traps and for making T-Bob a god. This show has to start getting better at some point, right? How many mystical items are there in the world for VENOM to try to activate in the local cave?

I guess we find out the answer to that, tomorrow!

❤ Joe

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