Joe Visited His Mom! We have pictures!

While discussing themed birthday parties in Episode 2, you may remember me telling Gomez a story about how my Mom threw me a Dukes of Hazzard party for my 3rd birthday and my big gift was a rideable General Lee.

It was great. I could sit in it, and there were peddles so i could drive. If memory serves, it even had a working classic Dukes horn.

I had commented that – as a kid and having no concept of money – that for all I knew, this thing must have cost my parents like $10,000. Upon inquiring, my mom said the actual price was, “I dunno, like fucking $30.”

It wasn’t enough to just hit up Google to find pics of the car, Gomez wanted pics of little Joe driving his General Lee.

Well, over 4th of July weekend, I visited my parents and my Mom did indeed have what we were looking for. So, for your viewing pleasure, me and my General Lee!

Totes adorbs. Obvi.

❤ Joe

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