Episode-A-Day! MASK: Ep. 7, “The Ultimate Weapon”

Welcome back to another episode of MASK. I apologize if the format on this looks off as I’m typing on my phone as I wait for my flight back to beautiful Florida after celebrating Mike Piazza weekend at Citi Field. 

What a time to be alive. 

Anyway, we’ve concluded a full week of MASK. I can’t believe it either. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re doing it together. With that said, on to Ep. 7, “The Ultimate Weapon”!


Matt, Scott and T-Bob go out to see a sci-fi movie. Now that I think about it, no mention has ever been made of Scott’s mom. I wonder if Matt just built him kinda like Vicki from “Small Wonder”.

Either way, VENOM attacks the theater using a high-powered laser to cause damage to the roof before packing up and leaving before any counterattack could be put up against them. 

Trakker is suspicious as to why they would do such a thing, but Mayhem is celebrating an objective accomplished. 

Matt puts together a team and poor Brad has to abandon tuning his guitar. Seriously, he will never be a rock star with that lack of dedication. 

VENOM launches an attack on the local planetarium which is located in a sparsely populated mountainous area that makes you wonder just where in tarnation this show is set. 

MASK is ready for them, however, and attempts to fight back. VENOM, though, has a weapon that is scrambling all MASK vehicles and controls causing their units to go haywire and even injures Gloria after the helicopter crashes into her car. 

MASK agent, Alex, creates neutralizers to offset VENOM’s scramblers and thanks to Brad’s mask being able to create holograms, MASK is able to push back VENOM and save the day. 


I have no idea what they purpose of VENOM’s plan was unless it was just to trick MASK into fighting in an attempt to use the scramblers to turn their vehicles against them and kill them once and for all. That actually sounds like a helluva plan now that I think about it. 

But other than that, the drama was pretty decent and the final battle was fun. 


Hitchhiking is dangerous. Don’t pick up hitchhikers. They – and I quote – “could be a VENOM agent, or worse, a child molester.” Yup. Solid advice. 

Final Grade:

*** on the Meltzer scale. Solid if unspectacular, but a fun little episode. Maybe we’re hitting the stride now. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. 

❤ Joe

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Episode-A-Day! MASK Ep. 6: “Dinosaur Boy”

Coming off what was the best episode to this point, we’re back with Episode 6! I know, I know, the dedication that I have shown in watching cartoons everyday has been nothing short of inspiring. You’re welcome.


VENOM hires some aborigine tour guides to lead them through the rain forest in search of dino monsters. That is not even a joke.

They come across a family of dino monsters (mom, dad, baby) and steal the baby to use for testing.

Said local aborigine tour guides inform MASK agent Alex of what has happened because he just happens to be looking around in the rain forest that day. Alex informs Matt Trakker who puts together the MASK agents best suited for this mission and they set out to the rain forest.

VENOM was experimenting with using dinosaur anti-bodies for weapons, but it’s lost to MASK in battle. Scott and T-Bob rescue the baby dino and return him to his family.


OK, they kind of cheated here because if there’s one thing I love, it’s dinosaurs. I was in from the beginning and despite the convenience of Alex just hanging out in the rain forest, this episode was pretty fun.


When crossing the street, do it from the crosswalk. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

*** on the Meltzer scale. Best start to finish episode to date. Still don’t think this will become one of my favorite properties, but finally accepting it and settling into what it is.

On to episode 7!

❤ Joe

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Episode-A-Day! MASK Ep. 5: “Video V.E.N.O.M.”

Welcome back to your daily dose of MASK! We’ve made it through an entire work week! You think you’re excited? Feel these nipples!

Right into the action today:


VENOM hijacks a satellite station and broadcasts a hypnotic message to turn a town full of people into mindless workers. During the attack, a scientist escapes and runs to civilization. Basically the TV station he was working at was so out of the way that he apparently runs for miles until he is almost run over on a one-lane road by MASK Agent, Gloria Baker who takes him to Matt Trakker’s compound.

Trakker immediately puts out the call for applicable MASK agents and Brad Turner is forced to cancel band practice to continue his secret life of MASK-ing.

In all seriousness, this is only episode 5 and I’m shocked his band hasn’t kicked him out to replace him yet.

VENOM also hijacks a military transport coming through the town where they’ve hypnotized all the citizens and use the people to move and assemble a top-secret laser cannon.

MASK finally catches up with VENOM and is able to break the hypnosis over the townspeople, but not before Miles Mayhem is able to shoot the super weapon.

Matt Trakker is able to use his mask to change the laser light which is sure to cause incredible destruction, into sunlight which just causes a slammin’ tan.

Mayhem and his cronies escape.


Probably the best episode so far since I’ve finally given up on getting an explanation for anything. The ending was stupid as fuck. How in the fuck is this dude just going to turn a laser beam into sunlight with his mask? Where do these new mask powers keep coming from?


Ladder safety. Make sure it’s balanced. Falling off ladders can be bad. Solid advice.

Final Grade:

On the Meltzer scale: **1/2*

Like I said, this was better, but that still doesn’t make it good. Especially with that corny ass ending. That was Sheamus levels of whack.

At least this was decent. Hopefully, episode 6 will keep the ball rolling.

❤ Joe

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Episode-A-Day! MASK Ep. 4: “Highway To Terror”

I’m struggling. This show – so far – is a huge disappointment which makes me think the things I have nostalgic attachment to is really just fucking horrible and I’ve been lying to myself for all these years.

Maybe I need to go back and take another look at some of the stuff I loved as a kid and really see if it holds up. I would expect the formula to be the same. I mean, all these action/adventure type of shows pretty much followed the same outline, right? I don’t know. I’m rambling. Let’s just get on with Episode 4 of MASK entitled, “Highway To Terror”.


VENOM stops a military convoy to steal plutonium.

An earthquake causes a distraction and we have a standoff between MASK and VENOM.

Bruce from MASK is able to control a plutonium leak with the power of his mask.


Whatever. Yeah, bro, control that fucking nuclear weapon with some fucking thought beam from your helmet. Whatever works.


Check the depth of the water before you dive. You can get hurt if it’s too shallow. Good advice.

Final Grade:

* on the Meltzer scale. Every episode gets a little harder to watch. But I’m going to keep going because…I want to say because I promised you all, but I don’t think anybody fucking cares. I’m just doing it to show I’m not afraid of committment, I guess. Either way, I fucking suck.

❤ Joe

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Episode-A-Day! MASK: Ep. 3 “The Book of Power”

OK, folks, if you follow this, you know that the lack of background information in this show is driving me insane. Well, it turns out I’ll never be getting my origins as according to some stuff I found through Google, that doesn’t exist. Apparently, there was a mini-comic that tells of Miles Mayhem turning on Matt Trakker and a brother who apparently died and Matt dedicates his life and resources to getting revenge on Miles.

Well. I guess that’s that.

So, since I said I was going to do this and quitting this early would really be sad, here we are with Episode 3!


VENOM steals an old book from a bookstore and during their escape, a monk causes a rock slide which allows MASK to get the book.

Unfortunately, Mayhem has put a tracking device on the book and follows the signal to Matt Trakker’s compound. Scott Trakker actually comes away with the book because he finds it hidden in a pizza box while looking for something to eat.

VENOM comes away with it and we’re lead to yet another fucking cavern in another untouched, mountainous part of town that seems to be as local as me going a couple blocks away to get gas.

MASK is hot on the trail, but both groups are slammed with more fucking booby traps. There’s just not a lot of plot diversity in this show. Turns out the cave is being protected by an entire group of monks who need to be convinced of MASK’s goodness once VENOM is chased off.

T-Bob the robot is being a jerk and grabs one of the monk’s staff and unknowingly finds and unlocks the legend of the book. He’s now like a fucking robot god to the monks or something.


I just…OK, it is what it is. So, going forward, I will just accept it and try to enjoy it for it is. Either way, this episode was almost a carbon copy of yesterday’s. I don’t like that. And I hate T-Bob. I know every 80s cartoon has a T-Bob (Orko, Snarf, etc.), but there’s just something that really irks me about T-Bob.


The PSA on every episode is quickly becoming my favorite part of this show. This one is no different. Wear a seatbelt, kids. They’re there for a reason.

Final Grade:

**. Points off for another secret cavern with booby traps and for making T-Bob a god. This show has to start getting better at some point, right? How many mystical items are there in the world for VENOM to try to activate in the local cave?

I guess we find out the answer to that, tomorrow!

❤ Joe

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